Date:27th April 2014 at 4:14am
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Manchester United Training Session

David Moyes reported claimed Paul Scholes’ comments following Manchester United terrible performance against Man City in the Manchester derby ‘killed him’, claims The People.

Scholes, now a member of United’s coaching staff made a rare TV appearance back in March to cover the clash between the two Manchester clubs but when only City turned up and United slumped to a 3-0 loss at home, Scholes didn’t hold back with his assessment.

Whilst Scholes said Moyes needed time, the Scot is believed to have said: “He’s killed me there.” 

The midfielder’s honest appraisal wasn’t what killed Moyes rather it was the things he pointed out, all his own failings so it is interesting that he looked at Scholes’ comments in that way.

The piece also interestingly makes further claims about Moyes relationship with Giggs stating the pair went weeks without speaking and also claiming the former manager felt Giggs wasn’t loyal enough.


26 responses to “More Excuses From Moyes As He Blames Scholes”

  1. CiTyBlUe says:

    You ignorant, arrogant inbred rag scum bag fans are what got Moyes the sack, you and your half baked coward squad who showed zero confidence in the guy. As much as I hate David Moyes, even while he was at Everton. You rag bastards ripped him apart like a pack of flee infested wild dogs, then you go stick up some pathetic banner which smacked of ignorance and slapped an ‘if it all goes wrong it’s your fault’ sticker on his forehead.

    You players let him down big time minus Shrek and Mata, the rest where piss ants who became lazy and uninterested after the first 5 defeats. Your clubs history doesn’t give you a divine right to be successful, you do not have a divine right to success. Alex Ferguson carried your players and this season has proved it, Moyes never had a chance to succeed because you fans and your players destroyed any chance of it. The world are laughing at you united fans and your club, you’ve become a disgrace and will be extremely lucky to get a better coach than Moyes. Considering the Glazers have just lost about £60+ million via no Champions League football, you European seeding will take a hit next season and you will struggle to attract any big names and talent after this public display, less than you deserve.

    • Dave says:

      Why don’t you fuck off and use your energy writing about your own Arab pimped club Bertie? You’d still be in the lower divisions if you hadn’t pulled your pants down for a taste of the big time, bleating about being the only club from Manchester, having the biggest pitch & tallest floodlights, feeding fucking goats & carrying inflatable bananas around lol. It kills me how you refer to us as ‘rags’, that has to be ironic right? As soon as I read a United article, it’s so funny, every time it’s a matter of time before some bitter pops up venting. It must be hard being the most overshadowed neighbor in world football though, I do feel for you, I mean, you must be the only big (sorry, massive) club in the world who’s local neighbor don’t even consider you as their biggest rival? You haven’t even got our attention for that have you? Just before it go, can you explain why when you’re fighting for a title, in the closing stages of the season are there so many empty seats in the Commonwealth Stadium? It seems odd when the city is yours?

      • Evil Hamster says:

        Dace, instead of venting abuse and writing out the same old cliches about Man City yet again, why don’t you commit your intelligence to the written record and actually provide some insightful comment about the points raised from the point of view of a Man U fan? I’m sure it would be far more interesting.

        • Dave says:

          I’ll tell you why my friend, because the points made are coming from an obvious bitter Manchester City. If you were born, bred & still living in Manchester like myself, you would understand that everything about them is about being bitter and hating Man United. Do you honestly think that an ‘opinion’ or ‘points raised’ that starts with “you ignorant, in bred, rag scum bag fans…” Warrants a nice, well considered reply do you or are you taking the piss? Lol

      • Shaun Jayes says:

        Well said!

    • duff says:

      Moyes blew it before the season started. Went on holiday after he knew he had the job. Left it too late to sign players and tried to sign his over rated ex everton players. Ballsed up Fabregas saga Coentrao, khediera and that was only the start. He kept changing the team. Sent zaha, powell on loan and played Januzaj inconsistently. He didnt make the champions league and not even at a semi final. He caused in fighting in the dressingroom and he had no tactics. To blame united on being arrogant is wrong. If it happened to City the shoe would be on the other foot. You would be calling for his head. Just like Mancini when he made it personal with Balotell. Teapot, kettle, black?

    • Man United says:

      Owh really high n mighty city with pockets full of cash n numerous managers this past years. Shut ur yap.

    • Jayo says:

      Your a fuckn angry wanker of a ting mad hard man shut ur mouth ur probly a skinny little speckycunt nd ur caling people shtetl mupet

    • Darren says:

      Get a life mate, eh? Writing comments like this on a rumours app? Quite pathetic chap.

    • Amirovi? says:

      U r shitty fan & u r the last piece of shit on this planet who has the right to speak about football …. Your club is shit & the fans are glory hunters . Shut up & get Moyes as a manger for your fucking team & let see how much u shitty fans will support him … Show us

  2. sitesired says:

    The vast majority of thinking supporters knew DM had a difficult task in front of him . I have no arguements with Paul Scholes assesment of the match against City We all saw it ourselves . I regret that DM was not the man for the job and wish him well for the future . Non of us will ever know the whole truth . I can only hope that the next manager be it Ryan Giggs or anyone else , heeds the advice offered by people in a system that was not broken and certainly needed no fixing! Possibly improving yes . There is a lot to be done . United will thrive on that , im certain . Our fans stuck with DM even when we all knew it was wrong . For that i feel proud to be a supporter and part of such a great club .
    The City fan makes a few very valid points in his hate ridden comments and im certain those will be addressed . What id suggest he worries about is Liverpool !!! City With the highest paid players in the world . They still cant be certain of buying a title . Like he says success is not a divine right .

    • Skybluepete says:

      We haven’t got a player who’s held the club to ransom and none of them are on £300,000 a week!

      • mickser says:

        Another moyes mistake. Allowing rooney to do that shows he has no footballing logic. To put rooney in the same bracket as messi or ronaldo which he has done with these wages is ridiculous.

  3. ak says:

    Forget all these things now i congratulation to r.giggs for her first win as united manager. See this is a true sign of a good successful manager. Not moyes who lost his first match.

    • Jarime jerome says:

      hey pal, looks like u didnt watch moyes’ first match against d swans. he won by 4 goals to 1. u need to b current en nt embarrasing urself to d world.

  4. Uche chukwuma says:

    Jst wsh dat name david moyes neva cum 2 united book of record,as a fan,playa let alone coach. Evrytn abt him is desasatrous n urgly. I hate him wt gr8 pasion. Evn at everton he denied us d oportunity 2 seign JACK RODWELL nw he wnt 2 seat at united throne n control d oldtrafford afairs. Didnt i posted it d day he woz apointed dt evn if he woz gvn a century contract dt he wil neva add 2 united alma-mata or greatnx?. 2days my wrds hv come 2 pass. In giggsy we trust. Ride onn our able n youngest manager. God is on ur side n d united fans re on shoulda oh Gig!!!!!!

    • akolad says:

      I agree. But, giggs need experience. 3yrs under valgal will be okay. Valgal should be able to rebuild the team for him. With valgal as our coach, am confident we will be able to sign players. Not moyes that can not even motivate players

  5. eric west says:

    DM was a good coach but united needed a manager. The job was too big for him provided that he never had any success and yet he provoved it with his awful defensive football..

  6. ambrosini says:

    City fans the ‘war path’ why do you fans keep hating on United?? owkay i knw, you guys are jus distraughted the success we’ve enjoyed over decades still hurts even when having a Premier League title to their name….yeah you’ve got the money buying the best players around europe buh am afraid to let you knw that, with all those cash, you cnt buy success..DM was relieved of his duties and everybody are makin headlines and fray out of it even those city fans that knw nothing keep uttering impertinent words….over the past decades how many managers has come and left?? and yet you have the guts stick ur tongues out of ur disgusted mouth to talk about we removing DM, oh dont take it personal dudes(city fans)buh if not, do the world a favour, get cancer and leave! the world was always a better place with or without city fans

  7. mickser says:

    Skybluepete. Wot ur pointing out is another david moyes failing. Allowing rooney to earn 300,000 a week in my opinion is obscene and another moyes mistake. He shudve been sold. Unfortunately when the greatest manager in the modern game retires and you get the everton manager to replace him it will be an obvious disaster. Alienating giggs and Zaha two great players shows he puts his personal feelings ahead of the clubs. Ive been a utd supporter for 35 years and have seen great and really bad times. I wud never comment on another teams success and be bitter about it cos weve had the same success and more and we are an institution that will ne back up there in 2-3 seasons.

  8. The Don says:

    CiTyBlUe. I’ve read ur comments… I think u must av a v.small penis!!! Penis is probably da best word to discribe u, ur ingnorant, arrogant disrespectable to da football world!!! Is it because R.Giggs as won 34 trophys since 1991 n man city av won only 14 since 1890??? How many manager av u gone through in 26yrs is ur stadium ur own??? Sure da DM da sarga was not delt wiv on da rite manner, but DM made 2 mistakes wen he took over, 1. Gettin rid of da tried an tested back room staff ( days like takin ova a Michelin star restaurant and gettin rid of all da award winning chefs n front of house staff n replacing dem wiv ppl who av no exprience at winning awards!!! Ppl like Steve Round, Phil Neville, Chris Woods jus to name a few!!! ) 2. Sayin da club ad an unlimited transfer budget!!! Da 1 thing da club did wrong was changing da chief exch da dis critical time, which hampered transfers!!! Soo wind ya neck in CiTyBlUe u depressed, self hatin parasite who can’t jus enjoy football rivalry wiv out takin it 2 far!!! Grow up n learn there’s a lot more 2 c love n do!!! P.s l luk 4ward 2 wen ur owners get bored n ur money drys up!!!!

  9. HeavyRiffs says:

    @Ambrosini – Wishing cancer on other people, who says these ‘reds’ can’t be classy?

    @The Don – Are you really pinning your hopes on ‘luk 4ward 2 wen ur owners get bored n ur money drys up!!!!’? Please tell me you have some other straws to clutch. Have you seen the development at the Etihad, have you seen City’s revenues, have you seen what they do in the community? But I’m guessing as you write in text talk, that research isn’t something high on your agenda.

    DM was in a no win situation, with an ageing team that Fergie never addressed the problem areas, it was a poisoned chalice from the off. How Fergie continues to get off so lightly for all this, is beyond me.

  10. drgrahamjsmith says:

    A lot of vitriolic comments today from the Smurfs from the United Stadium who at this moment in time have a chance of actually winning something of note. It seems to be the comments are a little belated as your extra man David Moyes has justifiably been sacked. In my opinion after watching United for 60 years he is undoubtedly the worst manager we have ever had. The man had simply no idea what he was doing wether it be transfer dealing training, team selection and above all tactics. He was totally bereft of idea’s and was never the man to be given the job to follow SAF. By the end of the summer transfer season The Smurfs will have spent close to half a billion pounds trying to buy the league and any other trophy’s