Date: 7th June 2014 at 12:25pm
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Andy Mitten believes that the bad taste left in Manchester United’s mouth after trying to sign Cesc Fabregas last summer deterred the club from moving for the midfielder this summer.

United attempted to sign Fabregas last summer on good authority that he was available but it appeared that the club were receiving mixed messages and eventually gave up on signing the Spaniard:

United received stacks of intelligence, including from their own players.

One who knew Fabregas well said: “When Cesc says no he sometimes means yes.”

United tired of playing a game of smoke and mirrors where two versions of ‘the truth’ appeared to exist. They never did return with a third bid and Barca’s sporting department and Fabregas got their way.

After the season Barcelona have had the club decided to sell him, something United became aware of in April, but after being run around last summer, Mitten claims that United didn’t entertain the news:

Given his high wages, the only clubs who could afford Fabregas are United, City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and PSG. City and PSG have to exercise caution with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play, United changed their manager and Louis van Gaal’s view on Fabregas hasn’t been publicised, but United will not entertain another run-around like last year.

The news will come as a disappointment to United fans who believe that Cesc could very well improve our ailing midfield, but you can understand United’s viewpoint, given everything that happened last summer.

Quotes come from Mitten’s piece in the MEN


22 responses to “Andy Mitten On Why Man United Haven’t Tried To Sign Fabregas”

  1. manu says:

    united needs fresh blood we dont want after van gaal leaves he leaves our club with old players like cesc we need kokes reus

  2. Stephen Mwaniki says:

    Ed woodard is a failure and thats a fact

  3. tony says:

    Stephen Mwaniki sounds like Rafa Benitez

  4. jamal mulla says:

    Us as manchester united fans have to be patient I mean the two month summer transfer window hasn’t even opened yet. Lets make a judgement after the summer transfer window and not before it. Time will tell who we sign the fact is we are looking at signings and the fact we are so determined to make signings can only mean we will sign players.

    • Zoos says:

      Its exactly the same thing we were saying last summer window, “David moyes hasn’t resumed office”, “There’s still time”, and then we lost out on Thiago and strootman, and paid more than we could have (24mil if we had bought him earlier) for Fellaini…its obvious we haven’t learned our lessons from last seasons window.

  5. seisaloni says:

    I think we have to wait untill van gaal arrive. He knows who to sign as you can see that he is very calm about the transfer.

  6. Yearsumba says:

    its true that man utd we need addition of players in several position like left and right wings, left back and centre back,And LVG should investigate in young players and not old one likes kroo,reus,koke,konoplyanka,depay,jordy,shaw,..! But looks Edwood is failure in market

  7. noble says:

    I think manutd should learn 4rm liverpool do the biss on time n avoid unnecessary rush.

  8. staff yv says:

    as man united fan,i think Edwood should be fired.he is a failure when it comes to business.let him join his fellow Moyes.the door is opened why do you wait for the window to be opened?