Date: 3rd August 2014 at 6:35am
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During halftime of Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Real Madrid, Paddy Crerand got to talking about the team.

Claiming that the team appeared a lot happier under new manager Louis Van Gaal, Crerand singled out Wayne Rooney claiming that the striker in particular was happier.

Interestingly, the Scot claimed that in speaking to Rooney the striker revealed who United’s next signing would be.

Given that Van Gaal claimed that he may be done with his summer spending and his laugh after the comment, it could be a little joke from the club legend or he it could mean that despite his word, Van Gaal is ready to dip back into the transfer market.

Make of it what you will!


16 responses to “VIDEO: Paddy Crerand Hints At United’s Next Signing”

  1. ade says:

    Although we are won our pre season matches so far but complacency is dangerous, pls, we need Vidal, a defender(Hummels) and a winger(Cuadrado) then we are good to go. Utd till I die.

  2. Anjan Kumar Dutta says:

    MU must acquire Vidal, Hummels, Cuadrado, Vermaelen, Blind and other world class players. MU should not give any competitive advantages to other PL teams. Considering enough fund available, MU must have the strongest, star studded squad with very strong reserve bench. MU must outbid all the competitors. Finalize the deals immediately without waiting. We want to to see MU as the world’s most powerful team.

  3. Ayetoro says:

    our players have been doing good this day but we still need new players, pls buy Arturol Vidal at all cost, a defender ( Hummels or Vameleen ) & a winger, may be Cuardrado or Marco Reus, Up Up Up Man. U 4 life

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Truly, we are doing well in our pre-season, but we cannot compare pre-season with EPL, lets try and get the most strongest squad against the coming campaign, most especially Arturo Vidal, Mat Hummel, Caudrado, Reus or Di Maria. Pls Mr. Van Gaal, try your possible best and get this players for us, I no money will not be a bareer. United till i die. Up Red Devil!!!

  5. Cohen says:

    I think LVG is building a very strong squad… But we need cover especially in defense, two wingbacks, two cental defenders, a winger and a CDM.. Ideal signings would be: 1. Vidal, 2. Cuadrado, 3. Hummels, 4. Vermaelen, 5, Blind

  6. Tayan says:

    Although We Win All Our Pre Season Tour.Lets All Belief We Cant Get Di Maria Any More But Lets Focus On Dis People Just For Our Glory To Be Restore,1}cuadrado2 Marco reus 3 Hummels 4 Vermelen 5 Blind

  7. dominic says:

    pls Van gaal get us Hummels, Vidal and cuadrado or reus and we are good to go

  8. Keita says:

    The ff players are just wht we need at man untd: Vidal, Hummel, Cuadrado or Marco Reus. Pls manager Luis Van Gaal those players are important for us to hav at the Theater of Dreams, European Capital of Trophies, The Red Devil

  9. Swaglord says:

    pls van gaal buy hummels, vidal, reus,di maria nd a high class defender

  10. cynrol says:

    Man Utd is an international superstar icon team judging from ystdy’s nos. Get superstar entertaining as well as winning players eg Vidal, Hummels, Reus, Cuadrado so that u can make the monies u desire. That’s why the Spanish teams r buying above 50millions coz they know they will make the monies in time thru publicity. Skill in a team is vital.So Vital Vidal.