Date: 8th October 2014 at 12:23pm
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The £22.5million deal for Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie in 2012 looked like it could prove to be a snip when he banged in 26 league goals in 38 outings.

But since then he’s started to lose his deadly touch in front of goal. He nested 12 in 21 league games the following season, whilst this term he’s only managed two in six.

Fair enough he’s 31-years-old, but it looks like Arsenal may have had the last laugh with that transfer fee if you look at the stats below.

His effectiveness is declining at a scary pace and the decision to allow Javier Hernandez to leave instead of him is beginning to look more and more ridiculous…





4 responses to “Did Arsenal mug us off with this deal?”

  1. BG says:

    He single handedly won you the title 2 years ago! Your team was pants without him! If he’d stayed at Arsenal we would have won it easely… So mugged??? £22M to win one PL title… Shitty and the Chavs pay a lot more than that so it ain’t a bad return for your lot…

  2. Alex says:

    “The decision to let Javier Hernandez go is looking for ridiculous”?? How? Chicharito is awful, if it was a mistake to get rid of anyone it was Welbeck.

  3. Kings says:

    His decline has been amazing. I cannot believe how bad he has become in the last year. Sincerely hope he’s back to his normal destructive self soon.

  4. Danny Bhoy says:

    What a crap article this is. Absolute over reactionary nonsense. Class is permanent and he will pick up again. As has already been said 22million for the title is peanuts. Truly awful piece this