Date:21st May 2010 at 8:49pm
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Well if you can’t laugh…


3 responses to “The Dimitar Berbatov appeal: Do you care enough to donate?”

  1. Tom says:

    That was some funny stuff in there. You have to feel sorry for Berbatov though. I know people think he is lazy but really the guy has tried, but still has failed. He is a wonderful player and I have a feeling he will still be a Man Utd player next season. I don’t see Ferguson buying another striker as we have too many as it is. Where going into next season with Rooney, Berbatov, Macheda, Hernandez, Diouf and Owen. I can’t see how we can accomadate another striker without letting 2, if not 3, leave before. Even if we sold Berbatov and let Owen leave we’d still have 4 strikers. Hernandez and Diouf are not exactly kids either. They are both around 21-22 and should be getting there chances next season.

  2. Marq says:

    Not funny. The funny part is how you can only manage to come up with his only bad game against Sunderland.

    To think your site goes by the name Busby, you are a disgrace as a fan.

  3. ANDERS says:

    Only english idiots are always complaining about Berbatov, as they do with every foreigner (player or manager) even they should realise that their country has not for many years had a coach who was homeborn since they are not good enough!!!! . The guy is a marvellous footballer with a touch only a few has, and rooney is not one of them!!! In a team there is seldom 2 prolific strikers (Drogba makes much more goals than Anelka, Messi far more than Ibra, Ronaldo more than Kaka etc) since one ofn the 2 has to be a target player and support the other one. DonĀ“t you know anything asbout football???