Date:21st October 2010 at 7:47pm
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It is well documented that Roy Keane is my favourite player.

I have noticed that as much as he is loved by United fans there are some who give him stick for his views and opinions and once or twice I have heard the word bitter used in reference to him. His comments at the start of the week telling Rooney to look after himself, #1 aided these people but the quote I read from him today reaffirms my love for the character that is Roy Keane:

Players have opinions; and if they want to leave then good luck to Man United, they will more than survive…

If any player ever ask me – and one or two have – to ever have a chance to sign with Man United, do it. You won’t regret it.

I loved it. I was there for 12 and a half years and I loved every minute of every day playing for that club  – every minute of every day…

An amazing football club. Brilliant football club.

Say what you want about his character, his actions whatever but his utterances especially this here don’t sound bitter to me!