Date: 26th October 2010 at 12:00pm
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Hurrah! Wayne Rooney is staying and we have £100m to spend on new players (allegedly) all is well at Old Trafford or at least so it seems.

With such a large amount of money having been quoted as what we have to spend there are always going to be eye on how we do or don’t spend it as well as the ridiculous rumours linking us with essentially every player £100m can afford. So far I have seen us linked with players like Ribery, Pepe Reina and Shay Given, Fernando Torres, Hulk, Sneijder and a load more and whilst there are some quality names on that list some re very unlikely whilst others may not do the job.

For example Wesley Sneijder seems t be the player most United fans want to see brought in but without regard to how it will upset the balance of the team. Sneijder isn’t best suited to a 4-4-2, he doesn’t have the defensive capabilities to pull it off (before you bite my head off this isn’t me saying he isn’t good!) instead seems to shine in the 4-3-3. Now 4-3-3 is a formation we tend to play in Europe against the better sides so bringing him in would mean switching to the formation permanently in order to get the best out of him.

Or we can look at the likes of Jordan Henderson who Chudi spoke about on Saturday, very young and very talented but is he ready to step into our team at this moment and make an impact? I personally can’t see the point of spending money on a player that we will have to wait to see develop when we can buy someone ready to do the job now. You can add to that the fact that we have some very young and talented midfielders of our own, who is to say he is better than Cleverley?

It goes without saying that we need an attacking midfielder, an out and out left footed left winger, a goalkeeper and depending on your opinion of Carrick, a holding midfielder but we need to be diligent and spend wisely rather than just go and grab a big name in order to appease fans and Rooney.

I am not Sir Alex Ferguson, he could integrate Wesley Sneijder into our team and make it work without causing so much of an imbalance he has been in the game long enough to know if he is the player we need or not but I’d rather spend less money on a player who doesn’t come with such a big reputation and it benefit us on a whole than millions on a big name that may or may not fit our team or alter our system in order to get the best out of them.

There are many pitfalls with being handed a big sum like that, Sir Alex is experienced enough to handle it but it isn’t an enviable position if you ask me.

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One response to “£100m needs to be well spent or it will have all been for nothing”

  1. Isaidso says:

    Don’t you think we have done enough already to appease Rooney – the only player ever allowed to hold our club to Ransom? Rooney is a pariah, and nobody admires him at all. Where is he now while all the other lads are working their butts off to work towards bringing in the points we need to catch up with Chelsea? Swanning around in Dubai, boozing and smoking, and flab on his body. I have no respect for Rooney now – ZERO! Sir Alex should totally ignore what Rooney wants, and buy when he is ready, and his choice of players – quick decisions only cause damage!