Date:9th November 2010 at 4:57pm
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On Sunday Twisted Blood wrote a piece on Bebe, it commended his character and suggested that whilst the technical side of his game may need to be worked on it is encouraging to see that the mental aspect of his game is there in that despite things not coming off for him, he was still willing to try.

The mental aspect of playing for a team as big as United and the pressure of performing is something not all players can handle and it’s good to see Bebe is coping. Having not grown up in academy football he doesn’t have the advantages other players do so it would have been easy for him to get here and then shy away but he seems intent on at least trying to be a success.

I’m firmly in the camp that nerves played a huge part in how he played, some may say well it’s a part of of playing at a big team but being affected by nerves happens at all levels of every sport. Mike Tyson could make a man freeze in fear before even landing a punch, so choking in sport is nothing new.

For others it’s not so easy, the enormousness of playing for Manchester United can be crippling as was the case with Micky Thomas.

A player Ryan Giggs thanks for helping mould him into the player he became, the left winger was class. Giggs said of him,

β€œHe was left-footed, skilful and entertaining and what was even better – he was also Welsh. From that day I wanted to be Mickey Thomas. Thank you Mickey for inspiring me to become the player I am.”

The Welsh winger was just as entertaining on the field as he is off it and after a big money move from Wrexham to United, the man who had painstakingly sent letters to clubs asking for a trial had apparently made it. For most it would mean living the dream but by his own admission his time at the club was miserable,

“I was always nervous. Although I was a Red, I felt in awe. I felt it difficult to combat the pressure of playing at home, in front of 58,000-plus. I felt if I left I would be a better player, expressing and enjoying myself more.”

Mickey said himself he wouldn’t feel up to the task of playing for the club so at times he would go missing. So for those people who feel it is all part and parcel of being in the spotlight I beg to differ. Everybody is different, some people will rise to the occasion some won’t. Some will hide from their position of responsibility and some will stand up and be counted.

What we saw from Bebe was him standing up to be counted and good on him for doing so.