Date: 15th November 2010 at 9:30am
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A worrying trend has begun to rear it’s head amongst United fans again, with people blaming Dimitar Berbatov or singling him out criticism when the team on a whole doesn’t play well.

On Saturday there were a number of players who played worse than the Bulgarian but he seemed to be an easy target so I’ve decided to join the bandwagon. Rumour has it, Berbatov was at fault for a number of catastrophes throughout history and we have obtained photographic evidence catching him in the act of one of his heinous crimes, yes it was in fact Berbatov that started the great fire of London!

Obviously no player is beyond criticism but at least be fair and constructive with it rather than over the top and unnecessarily harsh!

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47 responses to “Picture: Blame Berba”

  1. Mico says:

    What are you going on about?

    “You are joking yet again. Name me 5 consecutive games for this “week-in, week-out” thing you are talking about?”

    You just are not making sense…the ‘week-in, week-out thing’ was in reference to the amount of playing time and games Berbatov has been given as opposed to the very much limited playing time Forlan was given. I would certainly find it very hard to name 5 consecutive games by Forlan where he started, if he did at all.

    I was implying that if SAF had shown the same persistence and faith in Forlan then we would most likely have seen the productiveness he has shown elsewhere – and which now puts Berbatov’s scoring record to shame :). But Forlan was up against Ruud and Ole of course.

    Here’s an article that helps put things in perspective;

    It really is unbelievable how people forget the important goals he scored to help us win the title and the number of times the poor lad had to sit on the bench for most of the games.

    He was still expected to make an impact, whilst being unfairly and shamelessly hounded by an ignorant media and press just looking for the chance to kick him down – exactly the same bandwagon some ignorant ‘supporters’ have jumped on the last few years. Unbelievable that!

  2. redDeBull says:

    he supposed to be a damn striker not a midfielder AND HIS SHITTY ATTITUDE IS contagious ,after 3 years a player that can’t make it normally gets the boot so lets start saying good bye and tnks for those 3 to the scousers , thankx berbaflop and is good to see you go 🙂

  3. Mike Kama says:

    You idoits who keep blaming Berbatov the Great for everything should really stop! Look at Fernando Torres, can’t even keep the ball long enough in his feet to make a decent strike…. that’s when he’s not getting service from the dead midfield! But when the midfield does it’s job, he tears Chelsea to pieces! The way Berbatov is playing right now is not even comparable to Torres, he’s keeping possession up front as a lone-striker from the little service he gets from the mid, and he dares even push forward solo! The guys classic and those doubters can just wreth remebering the first hat-trick against liverpool in over 50 years in the most brilliant way was by the Great Dimitar Berbatov!

  4. red says:

    a good player he might be but his head isn’t in it, that touch he had to take him one vs one and then he left foots it way wide was pathetic and frankly he can’t consider himself a top class striker when he’s doing shit like that. Especially as his whole USP is that he has an awesome touch. Compare that to Gyan’s touch vs chelsea and you should see the world of difference between berbatov and even a half decent striker. in fact Kevin Davies would probably do a better job for us than Berbs in most games.

    the midfield played shit cos it was a man short and they had a dick up front who lost the ball everytime he touched it and ran offside or into ridiculous positions. The game changed the instant he went off!

  5. oliver says:

    I think NANI should get the blame. He cannot even take a decent corner kick!.This guy is frustrating ! OK he gave a great pass for Vidic, but he wastes more than contributes. Nani should go……

  6. Alfredb says:

    On United I would say if our attackers keep waiting for Evra to drift in and out, then they’re not worth it.

  7. Ryan says:

    wow. lots of venom, great comments, and completely utter bullshit in the above comments. Lots of passion for our club which is great. i believe:
    1. Berba is a very talent player, but without players playing on his “level” it is all for not..He doesnt fit in with this team too well.. dont get me wrong, i would have him as part of the squad, but unfortunately he doesnt seem to be the type we can rely on to score big goals week in week out..
    2. Did anyone else notice him last week not attack 2 or 3 crosses at the back post (i believe from Nani) ? That type of shit to me, is what is soo frustrating about him. You have to attack the ball in the area, not hang around..
    3. Nani’s corners are driving me absolutely crazy. and his free kicks are also.. Can no one do this in the mean time? i might punch my tv…
    4. People going crazy on Nani,saying he is not worth the trouble is stupid. You can see how much talent he has.. remember how shit ronaldo’s crossing was til he put it all together?
    5. If we go another transfer period without obtaining a creative midfielder who can play in the centre of the park, im going to be very confused.. or can any of the youngsters come in now and fill that void properly? might take a while.. actually would be interested in seeing Obertan play behind the striker(s)again for fun…
    he looked dangerous at the end of that villa match.
    6. im done ranting.. LETS get going united! Chelsea is fucked at the back right now, lets win some games! (how bout welbeck vs chelsea? he looked great)

  8. Tony says:

    Hallo you Berba haters:)
    how about now a……..
    Can you say anything against him?