Date:19th November 2010 at 4:07pm
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So today yet another rumour of the club being sold broke and yet again it was shot down.

It was being reported that Japanese company Epson were lining up a deal to buy the club from The Glazers, given extra credence by the fact that the Glazers had paid of that PIK loan earlier in the week.

It caught like wildfire with some journos who work for big name media outlets commenting on it too, the problem is the source of the whole thing was a mistranslated article from Austria that had appeared on a big name United forum.

Epson had indeed done some business with the club, becoming a platinum sponsor whilst also conveniently acquiring a company called Manu or Man U if you’re fishing. When questioned on the whole deal Epson declined to comment but who would, free publicity is always a good thing right?

I feel compelled now to jump on a couple forums throw aroud some silly rumours and see which major news publication I can get to run with my story.

Good work guys!