Date: 19th November 2010 at 4:07pm
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So today yet another rumour of the club being sold broke and yet again it was shot down.

It was being reported that Japanese company Epson were lining up a deal to buy the club from The Glazers, given extra credence by the fact that the Glazers had paid of that PIK loan earlier in the week.

It caught like wildfire with some journos who work for big name media outlets commenting on it too, the problem is the source of the whole thing was a mistranslated article from Austria that had appeared on a big name United forum.

Epson had indeed done some business with the club, becoming a platinum sponsor whilst also conveniently acquiring a company called Manu or Man U if you’re fishing. When questioned on the whole deal Epson declined to comment but who would, free publicity is always a good thing right?

I feel compelled now to jump on a couple forums throw aroud some silly rumours and see which major news publication I can get to run with my story.

Good work guys!


5 responses to “Internet 1 Us 0: No the club isn’t for sale”

  1. brian says:

    what a load of rubbish

  2. RedScot says:

    How long did it take you to write that?
    “No the club isn’t for sale”.
    You are part of the problem, am assuming you will pay your “money” to the Glazer tommorow. I just go to away games, maybe see you at Ibrox on Wedensday? lmao
    Even putting your arse on the “seat” keeps them in Old Trafford.Way to go.
    A bit of a serious dip in form and dropping down the league might……Drive the message home.

    • The Red Knight says:

      Didn’t take long at all, I was simple clearing up how the story came to be in existence so explain to me how I’m part of the problem?

      How I spend my money is my business and whilst I will be at the game tomorrow, it’ll be my first game in an age.

      Keep your holier than thou bullshit to yourself mate because I don’t want to hear it. I do my fair share to promote the G & G movement, MUST, IMUSA as well as other things!

  3. peebo says:

    Here’s an interesting quote from elsewhere on this blog:

    “I gave my ticket up. I watch them on the telly. I cant afford to go. I dont buy any official merchandise and dont own a shirt after Sharp went off the front. When I used to go I’d sneak in a can of wife-beater for half time. However Id get my seat back if I could afford it. The team still needs support as a football team and not to be neglected because of the business side of the coin. The glazers love the fact ‘true’ fans are leaving because they fill the seats wth tourists (that fly on sponsors airplanes and stay in Uniteds hotel…) with money to burn therefore making more money than if I walked the 5 mins to OT swerving the megastore and programme huts armed with my gratis half time Stella paying only the ticket price. If the whole stadium was full of anti Glazer fans then we could ensure no one spent anything beyond the ticket price. As it is: you leave – they fill your seat with snap happy Japs laden with Megastore bags and Redcafe burger inbetween their teeth. Think about it”

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      As editor I’m inclined to step in here and say that I have a number of writers. We differ in writing style and opinion and it’s one of the site’s strengths as if we all had the same opinion it would be pointless. The piece you have commented on and the piece you have quoted were written by two different people so I don’t actually see what you’re trying to achieve with this comment.
      I’m hoping that you actually realised the two were written by two different people…