Date: 23rd November 2010 at 6:00pm
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And yet we still play the waiting game.

Following the debacle with City and his new contract, Sir Alex claimed that Wayne Rooney would apologise to the fans for the offence his words may have caused. In his first public statement after there was no apology issued, today in speaking to the club’s channel MUTV he outlined his intentions to stay at the club for a long time and how relieved he was that the reception that he got on Saturday against Wigan was largely positive but more alarmingly again there was no apology.

Of course this is something that will be highlighted amongst everything he said today and it has got past the stage of ‘oh he forgot’. It’s more than obvious that he won’t be apologising and it is unknown if he even agreed to do so. If he didn’t the fault lies with Sir Alex for signing him up to something he didn’t actually agree to, if he did well he is just creating a whole new issue.

To be honest a forced apology is pointless and Rooney is in a lose lose situation anyway, how many people would have taken the apology and accepted it? The retort would have been either he didn’t mean it or Sir Alex forced him so to be frank I don’t care if he does or doesn’t. A man who sleeps with your wife is still deserving of a punch in the mouth whether he apologises or not as the deed has still been done, so an apology won’t erase what Rooney said will it?

I like Rooney, so the whole episode has left a bitter taste in my mouth and apologising won’t change this. I feel a positive attitude both on and off field as well as a sh*t load of goals will do a lot more than the words ‘I’m sorry’.


One response to “Sorry seems to be the hardest word – but to be frank I don’t give a toss”

  1. brian says:

    ha rooney is a legend he was never going to leave man united our gone spain. anyone watching rooney street striker. i went for trial in that last year but didnt even make the show. i go back next year again