Date: 24th November 2010 at 10:07pm
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We left it late but I’m not fussed. Although it wasn’t exactly dramatic it was likely that Rooney would get a goal tonight and it ended up being the winner.

Rangers whilst still negative weren’t as bad as they were at Old Trafford and actually had some chances this time with Kenny Miller going close in the first half.

After some dreary performances we looked a lot better tonight with some great football being played including a great link up between Berbatov, Rooney and Carrick.

Rangers will have themselves to blame for their defeat with Steven Naismith trying to decapitate the brilliant Fabio (he actually complained about his booking despite nearly kicking Fabio’s head off!) and Rooney’s penalty was brilliant to seal the 3 points. Rooney for what it’s worth looked a lot better than we’ve seen him this season as did Berbatov. Smalling again was solid at the back and Fabio ran the left wing troubling Rangers when he got forward and Carrick got forward (and passed the ball forward too which almost caused me to pass out!).

We will be playing Valencia at Old Trafford to see who qualifies as group leaders.

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6 responses to “Poll: Man of the match vs Rangers”

  1. Gary says:

    STEVEN naismith. Shows what u know. Best man for united was giggs, but on loan wiess was tearing united apart when he was on the ball

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      Clap for yourself mate! In trying to get this out after the match I made an error oh noes.

      Weiss didn’t tear anyone apart, almost gifted us a goal though

  2. Rossi says:

    i wud hardly call dribbling sideways tearing another team apart……name one shot, pass, dribble from weiss that resulted in anything????

    can u believe they actually parked the bus the whole 90 mins???!!…they are champions of a european league but played like that at home with nothing to lose!! it just bizarre!!

  3. Ryan says:

    good stuff i suppose. love the win, and seeing fabio do so well. i feel he should get a few more matches in, not only for his development, but evra could use a few more days off, he’s been such a work horse.. thought scholes was terrific as well, the team runs so much better with him in the middle of the park. Still havent seen our best, but hoping it shows up for the upcoming arsenal / chelsea matches

  4. jonathan says:

    No obvious m.o.m., not a terrific game either but there were positives to draw out. Rooney’s scoring touch (apart from the penalty) is still missing, but he seems to be in great fitness not seen in months.

    Carrick seems to have understood not to take “holding midfielder” too literally and is actually moving the ball forward.
    Interestingly, we were stronger offensively through the centre of the pitch rather than the wings is pretty rare.

    I’d have to say Fabio was probably our best player. He won the ball lots and did a lot to help out offensively. Because of previous injury, he’s a bit behind in his development than his brother, especially in his crossing – but I’m pretty confident he is heir to Evra and should even give Evra more chances to rest through the season.

    I think United fans should take stock and appreciate how just how fortunate we are to have the DaSilvas. Currently, there probably aren’t many outside of dedicated United fans paying them much attention, but I’m confident they’ll be develop into and be recognized as world class and will be a real cornerstone for future success. It will be pure joy watching them both start regularly.