Date: 28th November 2010 at 9:30am
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Rooney will, perhaps unfairly, steal much of the limelight, but it has to be said that the 7-1 demolition of Blackburn was no one-man show.

Some might argue that it was someone else who single-handedly thrashed Rovers, since Berba , who only this week was rumoured to be leaving Man Utd in January and whose agent had to come out and deny it, grabbed an amazing 5 goals as Utd ran riot. At the end of the day, I think Rooney has to get some a lot of credit with the way he seemed to galvanise not only Berba, but the whole team.

The interplay between Rooney and Berba was so slick at times that you would have thought they had played together all their life. United fans may have seen Berba getting annoyed at times someone wasn’t in the right position to collect his pass but today it seemed like Rooney always knew exactly where to find him and where Berba would find him.

Rooney also tends to relieve the pressure on Berba to score or create goals and they also take turns in dropping deep to collect the ball. Apart from the front two, I think the architects of this resounding win were the 4 guys behind them. I think if Nani keeps going, he could come very close to what Ronaldo has achieved so far. He can be frustrating to watch at times, but he absolutely terrorised the Blackburn full-back and everytime he had the ball, he looked dangerous. I can’t believe how amazingly quick his feet have become too! On the other side, Park was once again acting as a lively synapse in tight plays and creating openings. His goal was probably my favourite of the afternoon as he collected a very clever pass from Anderson, fed it to Rooney and immediately ran in behind the defender to receive the ball and apply the coolest of finishes. In central midfield, while Carrick was the self-assured rock in front of defence and spraying passes from flank to flank, Anderson was on fire at times. He still looks a bit inconsistent with his passing. But, some of the passes he was ‘seeing’ in the second half were amazing. His burst forward to set up the 7th goal was just one of the many examples where he would carry the ball forward energetically, taking on a few players and look to create rather than pass sideways. Just like Fletcher, Ando seems to enjoy playing next to Carrick who prefers sitting back to protect and spread the play and is not the best creative midfielder in the world!

Last but not the least, our full-backs were once again relentless in their support of the attack, with special mention to Rafael who seems to be improving with every match. I love the way he gets angry with himself when he messes up a pass. I think, despite the comprehensiveness of the win and the massive goal margin, we must not get ahead of ourselves. Blackburn were utterly poor. I couldn’t believe this was one of Big Sam’s uncompromising sides. They offered nothing, quite possibly because of the early goal, after which they tried to come back until they were dealt a second blow.

Although we haven’t really turned a corner (and we are not going to steam roll every team at OT), there is no reason why we cannot celebrate a great results for the fans! Let’s leave the worries aside until our next draw!


7 responses to ““I love it when a team comes together””

  1. drodevil says:

    good article, but most important is the last paragraph, it is only one result, lets string a few of them together:)

  2. jonathan says:

    Wow, I’d have to say our 4th goal (Berba’s 3rd) was easily the best and I’m sure will end up being considered one of the goals of the year league-wide.
    I’d disagree about it only being one result. Let’s not forget that confidence, momentum and team unity are built on games like these and carry over. Celebrate the victory and celebrate our strides forward too.

  3. johnboy says:

    lets hope the toon do us a favour today

  4. I apologise to Berba over my tough article “How much is Berba worth to United?”

    He proved last night that he knows what the fans expect of him, and what it takes to play for United. He indeed can raise his game-to frightening levels. Thanks Dimi.

    • Yashi says:

      You don’t have to apologise to him, since I don’t think he’s off the hook yet. He still needs some consistency. But hopefully, with Rooney back, he can get some confidence. Like he did yesterday!

  5. Don says:

    Anderson made 95 of his 99 attempted passes. I don’t know how much more consistent you want a player to be in a game, now if you said that he needs to be consistent over the season then I completely agree but to ask for a better shift than he put in yesterday after him being such a disappointment so far is asking for too much in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I totally think he can perform even better but as far as yesterday I think he couldn’t have done anymore (maybe score a goal).

    • Yashi says:

      I think we all knew he could do what he did yesterday. He has tremendous talent, vision and boundless energy. But yeah, I meant over the season, he needs to be doing this on a regular basis, not necessarily like yesterday, but he needs to take his chance in central midfield and make the position his own.

      The goal side of things is important too. We want to have goals coming from everyone. I think we have done that well this season.