Date: 2nd December 2010 at 11:06am
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With 7 scored past Blackburn on Saturday and 5 coming from him, Dimitar Berbatov regained some of his ‘swagger’ (how I hate that word!).

Whilst he was the supreme architect that day Rooney didn’t manage to get on the score sheet so here we see the goal scorers with a bit of ribbing for the returning striker!

Picture courtesy of Football Fancast


9 responses to “Picture: I think Rooney feels a little left out”

  1. biz says:

    Roo will score soon if not next game

  2. kiwwi says:

    haha 😀

  3. LUHR says:

    HAHA good on for that MOONEY CUNT

  4. echee says:

    yea! but that joke’s a bit expensive me thinks. he’ll score soon. and he’ll overtake berba.

  5. Chad says:

    Rooney has been shit all season, but I’m sure he will pick up. He can always rely on penalties lol.

    Berbatov top scorer

    fuck all of you haters

  6. malachy obinna says:

    he’s gonna score against chelsea!

  7. NTOBEKO says:

    well he brought it on himself

  8. Roman says:

    Rooney get a salary lessthan Ronaldo has..
    He was carrying United for last years on his shoulders compare to other guys on pictures (like Nani, Berba)..
    He will score and overtake berba and others.. 133 goals for six seasons it is an answer