Date:7th December 2010 at 7:30am
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With all those medal Shwe has more in common with United than you'd think

The anti-Glazer campaign has been going on for a while now and according to cables released by Wikileaks, the campaigners could have got their wish fulfilled in January 2009 when the leader of the Burmese military junta was planning to make a bid for the club!

Commander-in-chief Than Shwe, who is a United fan, wanted to buy the club for $1bn (£634m) so as to deflect attention from his slow reaction in the aftermath of a local natural disaster. According to Forbes’s valuation of the club, he would have been able to acquire a 56% majority stake with the money. Cables suggest that it was Shwe’s grandson who suggested the idea, but the general thought that such an outlay of money would not look good. He instead chose to create a football league for Burma, composed of teams that he had forced local businessmen to create and manage.

I am sure most fans do not hate the Glazers so much that they would prefer the leader of an oppressive regime who ranked 4th in a list of worst dictators to take over the club…