Date: 15th December 2010 at 2:45pm
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With Park’s goal against Arsenal a fresh reminder of how important a role he plays in the team, the news he would be departing for Qatar for 3 weeks with South Korea to play in the Asia Cup comes as a blow.

At the start of the season by his own admission he had underperformed but since he went public with this the level of his performances have gone up drastically. Having been chided for his lack of goals he has scored 6 this term with winners against Wolves and Arsenal being especially important.

It’s especially unlucky to lose him just as he is hitting form but with Tom Cleverley at Wigan can we lessen the blow by bringing him back off loan.

It had been disputed when Cleverley would return to the club anyway especially with him not seeing much playing time with the Latics previously but more recently he has forced his way into Roberto Martinez’s plans and rightly so grabbing 2 goals in his last 3 games.

It was thought that he would have to return to Old Trafford anyway with a suspected cracked rib picked up in the game against Everton last weekend but a scan has shown that he is fully fit and will be available for Wigan’s game against Aston Villa.

As we are seeing with Danny Welbeck, getting game time out on loan can be integral to a player’s development and if Tom comes back to the club with the purpose of filling in for Park what is to happen when Park returns? Assuming he performs then that’s Park on the outside looking in but if he doesn’t and Park recaptures his place then that could mean he spends the second half of the season not getting as many games as he would had he stayed at Wigan.

Of course there are a number of variables that are at work here but it is somewhat of a dilemma, what would you do?

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5 responses to “A Clev-er move to ease Park’s departure?”

  1. Big Red M says:

    When Park returns from Asia, I THINK the loan window is still open, but only for the Football League. If Clevvers does come back, and is then loaned out again, it will have to be to a Championship or lower club.

    Again, I’m not 100% on this, so don’t quote me!

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      I was thinking the loan window remains open (one of the variables I spoke of) but as you mentioned a Championship club I personally don’t see the benefit of him going back there when he could be playing in the Premier League.

  2. jonathan says:

    I really like Cleverley and I wouldn’t complain if he returns. However, apart of me thinks it may do well to finish one final season on loan and gain as much experience as possible. The other variable is Obertan really hasn’t been given much opportunity to start, let alone his preffered spot on the wing. As things stand, it only looks like the month of January is where we’re low on wingers as Valencia and Park should both be back by February. It’s a bit of a gamble, but perhaps we could give Obertan a whole month to show what he can do and develop consistency.

    There is Bebe too as a back up. And I know based on what we’ve seen it isn’t too reassuring but the guy has to be given more chances sometime. Giggs is becoming healthy too, so we should manage well enough for one month.

  3. fakrul says:

    can any one tell me whatever happened to dodo? did man united reaaly sign him? or do they only have first option?