Date: 21st December 2010 at 5:11pm
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With all the furore and optimism surrounding a potential Qatari takeover at the club it is easy to forget the proposition of actually getting the Glazers out of control.

The Americans are a stubborn bunch having passed up the chance to sell the club previously and apparently doing so again now. The £1.5bn being quoted is way more than they paid but really despite our protests there is no pressure on them to sell and when you can use the club as your own personal bank why would you?

In light of the most recent speculation United director Michael Edelson who has been in the position since 1982 has reaffirmed the Glazers stance that United are not for sale but has given a slight ray of hope stating that the Glazers will eventually sell. Speaking to the AP, he said:

“It is inevitable that at some time they will sell … but that will be a long way down the line.”

Well a long way down the line is a time span that can’t be measured and you would take it to mean they plan to be here for at least a few more years but the news is somewhat of a positive.


2 responses to ““Manchester United will be sold – but not for a long time””

  1. Morten Olsen says:

    Do you think the Green and Gold campaign will last another 20 years?