Date: 30th December 2010 at 11:40am
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With all the talk of English football losing its dominant grip in Europe and the English national team under performing, up until this summer it was a problem that was largely ignored.

It’s not like this summer is when it first became apparent but now the problem appears at it’s absolute worse maybe it will start getting the media attention it deserves resulting in due care being shown from the top of the game all the way down to grass roots.

The Football Foundation have been working on grass root’s football  for 10 years now and whilst their work isn’t always greatly publicised the effects can be felt where it matters. Looking at some of their achievements it can only be put in perspective as such:

  • 80 Beetham Towers –  the equivalent height if all Football Foundation funded goal posts were stacked on top of each other
  • 1.5 Trafford Centres – the area equivalent to all Football Foundation funded pavilions
  • 4 Old Trafford sell outs – the equivalent number of recipients of Football Foundation free kits

Manchester United are a team well known for investing in youth and the future so it is no surprise that Sir Alex is a firm supporter of the charity and in light of the charity’s 10 year anniversary paid homage to their work:

“Absolutely all footballers at some point, play or train in the grass roots game so it is very important that investment in local communities is recognised. It is the same reason why I am delighted to be involved with the Football Foundation, their work over the past decade has been absolutely outstanding.”

With Manchester United Soccer Schools putting in work across the UK & Ireland with a range of courses and camps for the young and Sir Alex backing the Football Foundation, the club is clearly doing it’s part. As Sir Alex said all footballers at some point play or train in the grass roots game so with better facilities and more investment would this equate to a better standard of players making it into the game?

Of course this isn’t the only factor, what these people are actually being taught is just as key but the Football Foundation’s work provides a great basis for these players to work from and hopefully their effects will be seen in future generations of players at both club and national level in the coming years.


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