Date: 4th January 2011 at 11:21pm
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Cheeky little goal from Hernandez and a wonderful strike from Nani did the job here.

Nani’s importance to our team can’t be understated with a goal and an assist tonight, something very few of us ever thought we would be saying!


6 responses to “VIDEO: Nani stunner seals 3 points against Stoke”

  1. jonathan says:

    I’m not sure if we’ve really grasped just how much Nani has elevated his game. I think everyone is aware that he has elevated his game beyond expectation and is valuable to us – but I’d go beyond and suggest that he’s currently playing at a level qualifying him as one of the world’s best.

    He’ll have to finish the year on this trajectory to earn it; but as it stands he’s been our unquestionable talisman this season. I think most are still enthralled by his growth and perhaps miss the bigger picture that he’s been the driving force or our offense and put us on course this year to hopefully create history.

  2. R.E.D says:

    Definitely playing at a level to be included at world best but he won’t be recognised as such because he isn’t Ronaldo. Clearly one of the most effective players right now, goals and assists in abundance!

  3. bimbo says:

    @ R.E.D dats a very terrible tin to say must he b cr7 b4 he can fufil his potential? i hop u r nt a manutd fan bt i looserfools,watch hw dis boy wud make u eat ur words in two years time ~VIVA NAN17~

    • R.E.D says:

      Are you blind you fucking idiot did you not see me say ‘Definitely playing at a level to be included at world best’ or ‘Clearly one of the most effective players right now, goals and assists in abundance!’ fuck off and learn how to read!

  4. Ryan says:

    umm… not sure how to follow bimbo, but im sure it will be clearer?!?
    It is true, Nani has been the mvp so far this season. He adds the creativity, pace, and passing and finishing to be a clear top force in football. Until he becomes a consistent set piece specialist, he wont be as good as Ronaldo was, but he is that creative difference maker that wins us games now. Without him in the side, we’re not even close to as good as we are with him. Just think – his passing and decision making will only get better!

  5. Andromeda says:

    When he scored that scorcher , for a moment I felt he is Cantona, the way he silently celebrate and how he tried to cool out the fan was quite something….