Date: 10th January 2011 at 6:16pm
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So King Kenny’s return was spoilt by dirty cheating United, and now the whole Scouse world is claiming that the ref was paid off, that Berbatov is a dirty diving cheat and that $tevie G is second only to Mother Teresa in the goodwill stakes.

It is funny how a relatively straightforward win over local rivals can be twisted so heavily in the press and online.  Liverpool did nothing to win yesterdays match, in fact thinking back to the game one struggles to even think of a chance they created.  Furthermore the penalty was a penalty, albeit a soft one, but there was contact and Berbatov lost his balance.  Yes it might not have been given but considering that there were two other occasions that looked to be fairly clear fouls in the box perhaps the Liverpool fans should be thankful that it was only the one.

To the red card.  It was a red card.  Which ever way you look at it he went in off the ground with two feet and completely out of control.  The referees do a tour of the training grounds every year and they warn players about exactly those types of tackle.  They are red card offenses, so I cannot for the life of me see what people are complaining about.  Gerard was out of control and could have done serious damage to Carrick.

I have read comparison to the Rafael tackle in the moments leading up to Gerard’s red, but there was nothing to suggest they were even remotely similar.  In one the player was completely in control, in the other it was a wild lunge.

Now to the really disgraceful bit, Ryan Babel and Paul Dalglish.  As if old Kenny having a good old moan post game wasn’t enough his son launched a tirade on Twitter and then was quickly followed by Ryan Babel.  Now I know Rio is constantly airing his opinions on the twitter forum but to accuse the referee, and England’s top referee at that, of bias and of being a cheat is fairly disgraceful.  Whilst Paul Dalglish isn’t affliated with Liverpool, surely he should know better than making the comments he did.  With Ryan Babel I truly hope the FA make an example out of him and handed out a ban and a long ban at that (6 games +).  When players resort to tweeting in the manner Babel did they are bringing the game into disrepute and should be punished accordingly.

Having said all that, we all know that nothing is ever quite fair for good old LFC.  And to beat them when they all think it is so horribly unfair actually makes it all a bit more enjoyable.


12 responses to “Twits comments smack of sour grapes”

  1. Scott says:

    The sore scouse twats. If ladyboy got the slightest touch in the area he would of gone down like he’s been shot

  2. jonathan says:

    Big deal, the only controversy is that the penalty was a bit soft, but Webb made sure he didn’t award us another later on when it clear we earned it.

    It’s funny there’s even controvery regarding Gerrard’s red because any commentator or article I’ve come across agree with the call. Basically it’s just to put out a controversial headline to get attention and then put the truth in small print.

    Babel’s just an idiot and is a living illustration of his surname. The last time I heard about his Twitter use was going on about “unreal” Barca after they beat Real. One journalist rightfully put him in his place by telling him to focus on playing beatiful football himself rather than talking about it.

    • Chudi says:

      He was also caught up in some race controversy yesterday after an Asian boy tweeted him and him replied calling him ‘Sabu’ and asking him if he still drove a magic carpet.

      Prime example of someone who shouldn’t have a twitter account.

    • davidred says:

      chudi if you think thats rascist what about patrick viera at chelsea a couple of years ago chelsea stewards and then dennis irwin calling david rocastle “now dead” calling him a coon so think on your crowd is as bad and i hope it keeps fine for you because i will be the first on here to remind you when it goes shits up as it will for you cause your team is average no better than me own

      • Chudi says:

        I have no knowledge of Denis Irwin calling anyone a coon!

        And to say our team is average and no better than your own just proves the point being made in the blog, thanks for that though.

  3. mick says:

    Im not a liverpool fan but they have a point,old trafford really is like playing 12 men

  4. Sir Sidney Ruffdiamond says:

    A very very poor liverpool side beaten by a very average united sidethat could have really embarassed them but for reina and the woodwork. What’s happened to Torres? Liverpool should be thankfull Rooney and Scholes didn’t make the start instead of whining about being robbed.

  5. Gabriel says:

    I’m from Bulgaria and I’m not a Pool fan and I can tell you

    Yes, Berbatov is a dirty diving cheat and Webb is a disgrace.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ll take Howard Webb any game, especially if he is wearing that UTD shirt that good ol Ryan Babel had him in. Babel should focus more on his game – seems to me he plays one good game every 20 matches, even Theo Walcott is more consistent! hehe.. Bring on Spurs- it should be a cracker!

  7. Gaz says:

    spurs will batter ya’s, u are shit this season, just had plenty of luck. so y dont ya all go crawl back under ya little welsh rocks n stop talking through your arse

    • Chudi says:

      The same way that battered you right? Fuck off mate, no luck there. Were winning games just not as flamboyantly