Date: 11th January 2011 at 6:00pm
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Like every other Red, I was ecstatic at the final whistle on Sunday. It wasn’t just the win to put us into the 4th Round of course – the fact that it was an incredibly comfortable victory against our bitter rivals meant it was all the more sweeter.

It’s been a little while, in respect to the FA Cup. Last winning it in 2004, we’ve since reached the final twice, but been left disappointed both times. There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s still a highly valued trophy, both for United and for the country as a whole, and one that the fans are desperate to win again sometime soon.

Nevertheless, for me The FA Cup is still third on the “Trophy Priority List”- a good indicator as to just how spoilt we are as fans. If we were to win 1 trophy, and 1 trophy only this season, I’d plump for the League title, but it’s an interesting debate:

  • Win League Title – Our 19th triumph, putting us 1 ahead of Liverpool in the all-time list. Best club in England.
  • Win Champions League – Fourth victory, putting us 1 behind Liverpool in the all-time list. Best club in Europe.
  • Win FA Cup – Famous trophy, not won since 2004, proud history in competition.

Will we win a trophy this season? I don’t know – I hope so, obviously, but I’m certainly not presuming anything.

But IF we were to win one – which one would you rather win, and why?


23 responses to “Getting our priorities straight, which would you rather?”

  1. Chudi says:

    LOL these guys refuse to give it up!

    Been getting a load of Dippers on the site since Sunday but nevermind they keep coming back and it means we can keep running and thus I can keep writing about how stupid they are!

  2. Wev says:

    League title defo but all three easily in reach n we’ve not even peaked yet!!! Lfc what drugs are you on??? King kenny ain’t going to win you shit from the firey depths of the championship!!! Get a life bin dipper!!!

  3. jonathan says:

    Pragmatically, the prem is tops as it is the truest test of greatness by competing for it weekly for the better part of the year; whereas any other cup can simply boil down to missing out due to one poor game.

    However, the allure and prestige of the CL has to be reckoned with. It has the highest quality of opposition and “do or die” elimination format means individual games and even goals are more likely to be remembered.

    Pretty hard to call, but since the CL title is evidently harder to win, I’d have to go for it. It would also bring us another step closer to taking away any bragging rights the Scousers have on us.

    Sorry, the FA is nice, but it’s really lost a lot of shine in the modern era where few teams can truly compete for it.

  4. Weezer83 says:

    Dear lfc:SOD OFF you whinee little cunt!!!
    Your socalled “King Kenny” is a talentless little TWAT and is never going to amount to anything with this rubbish club!!! GLORYGLORY!!!

  5. PIP says:

    I would say the league. Realistically we won’t be good enough to win the Champions League this year. I love the FA Cup but it isn’t the same as winning the league.

  6. RedFor20Years says:

    The Premier League should always be the priority. It gives us bragging rights over every other English team in the country. When we come up tops at the end of the season after having played every team in the league week-in week-out we can say we were better than YOU coz the table doesn’t lie!

  7. fakrul chowdhury says:

    win treble

  8. Ryan says:

    Agree with majority, League title is tops this season. To go above the Pool would be terrific, and i think we have the squad to do it (and the FA cup as well). i love the CL, and its terrific, but as Jonathan says, one bad match or twist of luck and youre fucked. The Munich game last season drives me nuts… Rafael showed some immaturity and may have cost us that match, but before that i felt his first 45 mins of that one, he played his best match of the season (thus the CL is such a crazy, tough league to win).. AND as a realist i think this year’s squad would do terrific to win the league and the FA Cup, im just not sure we have enough to win the CL (ALTHOUGH – any thing is possible if we avoid Barcelona, that team to me is playing at another level). Should be terrific stuff. Much more interesting than being a liverpool supporter hoping Ngog can come up with a few goals off the bench to make sure you stay in the EPL

  9. Yashi says:

    PL is overwhelming priority for me. A team’s dominance is usually judged locally rather than internationally. So, it is crucial for Utd to challenge locally before thinking about winning in Europe. I think it’s harder to win the PL, in the sense that you can get lucky/unlucky in the CL whereas you won’t be English champions through luck.

    The CL is definitely more prestigious though… Once you reach the knock-out, it is so open and the standard of opposition is usually great. Watching your team take on the best from Europe is what it’s all about.

  10. RedFor20Years says:

    The thing about the CL though, is that we represent not just United but the English Premier League as well on the European front. A team can carry on winning the domestic league but if they’re barren in Europe they won’t be considered a great team. Rangers, Celtic, anyone?