Date:11th January 2011 at 6:00pm
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Like every other Red, I was ecstatic at the final whistle on Sunday. It wasn’t just the win to put us into the 4th Round of course – the fact that it was an incredibly comfortable victory against our bitter rivals meant it was all the more sweeter.

It’s been a little while, in respect to the FA Cup. Last winning it in 2004, we’ve since reached the final twice, but been left disappointed both times. There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s still a highly valued trophy, both for United and for the country as a whole, and one that the fans are desperate to win again sometime soon.

Nevertheless, for me The FA Cup is still third on the “Trophy Priority List”- a good indicator as to just how spoilt we are as fans. If we were to win 1 trophy, and 1 trophy only this season, I’d plump for the League title, but it’s an interesting debate:

  • Win League Title – Our 19th triumph, putting us 1 ahead of Liverpool in the all-time list. Best club in England.
  • Win Champions League – Fourth victory, putting us 1 behind Liverpool in the all-time list. Best club in Europe.
  • Win FA Cup – Famous trophy, not won since 2004, proud history in competition.

Will we win a trophy this season? I don’t know – I hope so, obviously, but I’m certainly not presuming anything.

But IF we were to win one – which one would you rather win, and why?