Date: 12th January 2011 at 4:11pm
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After weeks of will he won’t he, Magnus Eikrem has left Manchester United.

There had been speculation that the midfielder would  follow  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer back to Molde and after some delay, he has.

Eikrem signed a 3 year contract with the Norwegian team but Ole was quick to point out United would have ‘first dibs’ on him in  the future.

He was presented at a presser today having been spotted at Molde’s first training session of the season.

No fee was mentioned.

We all wish Eikrem the best at Molde and hopefully we get to invoke that buy back clause in the future!


12 responses to “Eikrem finally signs for Molde”

  1. TK says:

    Gutted to see him leaves us.I have always regarded him so highly,particulary after he gaind some weight.Really very good player, hope we get Chamberlin .

  2. johnboy says:

    yeah its disappointing after grooming him for so long…
    and he made the champs league squad…

  3. Yosh says:

    Really sad to see him leave. I really hope we can put the first dibs clause into practice in a couple seasons. In saying that I agree with TK in wanting to see Chamberlin at united, would love to see uniteds next generation built on English players like Welbeck, Clevz, Smalling, Rodwell & Henderson maybe? Amos future No.1

  4. PIP says:

    Disappointing. We invest a large amount of time, effort and money in the likes of him.
    Call me a pessimist, but we seem to reap very little reward nowadays. I knew little of Eikrem but like many, it seemed he had possibilities but never got much of a look in.
    I realise that we have to trawl many to catch few, but I hoped he would be one of the ‘chosen few’. Good luck to him.

  5. Ryan says:

    Disappointed to see Eikrem leave. Admittedly I don’t think he ever quite hit the heights we all thought he would about three years ago, but he was still decent. Am just praying Fergie doesn’t let the same happen with King because I am convinced he is special.

  6. jonathan says:

    As long as there’s a buy back clause and Ole’s the coach, then there’s not too much to worry about. There doesn’t seem to be much distinction here than any other loan move.

    My only concern is the level of competion in Norway is not that of the Prem, but at least it’s still better than that of the reserve league.
    I just hope he shows he’s too good to pass up before it’s too late and another team makes an offer that we don’t match.

  7. Eikrem come home says:

    hope he comes back in a season or two very sad to see him go… He as made the 1st team beach 3-4 times this season so he was breaking into the 1st team

  8. nani4ever says:

    fucking unbelievable that’s all i can say, i cant understand this move not even with a buy back or first refusal clause, why would we let eikrem go when our midfield is screaming out for creativity SFA had many a chance to promote him and give him a chance, when we played in the carling cup he could have played against scuntorpe or even when we were being humulated against westham, he could have been brought on in the last 30 min when the game had already been lost but yet again no opportunity. To be honest I don’t think SAF rates him highly else he would had had an opportunity already cause he is easily our most outstanding player in the reserves, even to loan him to a championship team, Every time I saw him he look head and shoulder above the players around, his free kick against blackburn, his brilliant passing and vision against westbrom just to name a few games this year, am just dumb founded by this move we let a player go that we didn’t give a chance to show what he is worth, and keep playing players like gibson who is miles behind Eikrem which any regular follower of the reserves would know that. We keep talking about replacing scholes and we let go to me the only player at the club which is anything close to scholes fucking ridiculous.

    • nory says:


    • Gareot says:

      Absolutely, totally agree with all your comments mate! The only reason I subscribed to MUTV was to watch Magnus play. I was going to unsubscribe but then found I’d fallen for Mandy, I want to be Paddy Crerand in my next life!

      Good Luck Magnus, hope to see you back soon, in the first team.

  9. HG says:

    utter bullshit!! might as well sell the entire reserve squad. i mean if eikrem isn’t good enough for us, then who is???? are you telling me we couldn’t even extend his contract and send him out on loan?? fucking ridiculous. i’m LIVID!!!

  10. fakrul chowdhury says:

    good luck eikrem…. hope to c u back as a first team regular at man united in one and half years time….