Date:13th January 2011 at 12:22pm
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Dimitar Berbatov: star striker, Bulgarian hero, mob boss?

Berbatov’s cool demeanour as well (as the fact he is the spitting image of Andy Garcia from The Godfather 3) means it is no surprise that his team mate Rio Ferdinand picked him to play Don Corleone if he was to a fourth installment of the hit film.

Speaking in GQ magazine, Ferdinand said:

“If I made The Godfather: Part IV, I’d put Dimitar Berbatov in there as a Mafia boss… he actually thinks he is in The Godfather movies half the time.”

I guess that would have something to do with the fact that Berbatov famously learned how to speak English by watching the film franchise as well as the fact he shares an almost uncanny resemblance to Andy Garcia who starred in the 3rd installment of the film.

Berbatov is no stranger to the underworld, he was kidnapped by henchmen of gangster Georgi Iliev whilst at CSKA Sofia and wads allegedly threatened with kidnap again in 2009 after he refused to pay a £500k protection fee. Add to that rumours a gangster warned him after he reportedly sent flirty texts to his girlfriend and Berbatov’s role in Ferdinand’s film doesn’t seem so unlikely!