Date:1st February 2011 at 9:30am
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Tattoos are risky business.

Permanently marking your body is a massive step so I personally think for a long time before I decide on anything I get. Shame this fella didn’t take the same approach.

Football is a fickle sport, a man can be kissing the badge and saying he wants his kids talking with a Scouse accent one day and asking for a move to a rival the next. So why would you go and get this tatted on you?

‘His armband proved he was a red until the Russian’s wallet turned his head!’

Well at least that tattoo can be one for the memories eh? 142 games, 81 goals 0 trophies but he scored against United a couple of times so it’s ok.

If anyone knows him tell him I have a decent guy that can cover that up sharpish if he is interested!