Date: 7th February 2011 at 11:30am
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Manchester United have been lucky over the years.

We have had some of the finest defenders to have played the game line up for us especially at  centre back. Right now we have arguably the best pairing in Vida and Rio and previous players like Stam, Buchan, Foulkes and Bruce have all put in top quality shifts over the years closing the door in the faces of some of the finest strikers.

You would think that these kinds of performances came with hours of training but Ryan Giggs says otherwise!

Taking part in a 90 second interview with the club’s official website Giggs was asked who’s the worst trainer he has trained with and whilst hesitant at first he conceded,

“He’ll get the hump with me, but I’ll go for Pally [Gary Pallister]. He’d take it easy in training and then go out in a game and be brilliant.”

Of course it is a rarity for a player to not train hard and then go on field and be as good as Pallister but it clearly worked for him as his partnership with Steve Bruce is one of the finest we’ve had!

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One response to “He’d take it easy in training and then go out in a game and be brilliant.”

  1. The Glutton says:

    Were Butcher, Walker and Adams really SO good that they prevented Steve Bruce getting a full England cap? Come to think of it… Mark Wright? You’re having a laugh!