Date: 8th February 2011 at 9:46am
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As Manchester United search for a new goalkeeper it appears people are falling over themselves to get in line for the job.

We’ve heard that Rene Adler has had a Manchester United only buy out clause included in his contract whilst Hugo Lloris has declared Manchester United a ‘great’ club whilst talking about possibly moving on from Lyon this summer but the one name I have always disregarded when mentioned was Liverpool’s Pepe Reina.

I don’t need to tell you how deeply tensions run between our two clubs and the likelyhood of a transfer either way is unlikely, Heinze is so hated at Old Trafford because he tried to force his way to Anfield, even being as underhanded as using trickery and smoke screens to achieve his goal of being at Anfield, which as will know didn’t come to fruition.

Reina recently said he is disappointed that Liverpool are no longer the ‘Spanish Reds’ and if you look at the number of Spanish stars that have left Anfield you can see what he means. Of course manager Rafa Benitez departed as too have Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and most recently Fernando Torres.

Whilst it is not too strange to express such dismay if you add that quote with the ones that have been attributed with him today you begin to get a different picture. The keeper has supposedly told a Spanish radio station, Ondo Sera, that he hasn’t ruled out a move to Manchester United (in not as many words of course!)

“Yes, well Van der Sar will hang up his gloves in the summer so of course they are looking. I can’t do anything. I can’t say anything logically as I have a contract with Liverpool. Of course one likes to fight for titles and be in a team that does that. We always fought to be in the Champions League and try to win the title. But unfortunately it hasn’t been the case in the last couple of years.”

When Reina was initially being touted for a move to Manchester United, I don’t recall seeing any quotes and LFC were quick to quash this but this time there are quotes and they aren’t that dissimilar to the ones made by Fernando Torres when he departed from Liverpool either.

Aside from annoying the Scousers no end, Reina could be a decent replacement for Van Der Sar. Peter Schmeichel has been pretty vocal in stating he should be our primary target. He is at the right age and I don’t think I need to tell anyone of his ability but again I feel that Liverpool simply wouldn’t sell or they would price him out of a move and United won’t be held to ransom the way Chelsea were.

I’m sceptical about these kinds of quotes anyway and it hasn’t been confirmed he actually said them so I am interested to see what will happen next.


One response to “Is Pepe Reina about to follow Fernando Torres out of Liverpool?”

  1. mop ed says:

    More chance on knitting fog than this happening.

    Reina isn’t a lowlife like Torres.