Date: 10th February 2011 at 9:53am
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With all the rumours about goalkeepers and midfielders we need flying about, one name is slipping under the radar.

Currently unattached and presumably looking for work, former United assistant Carlos Queiroz has today been linked with a the Iran job following a not so bright spell in charge of the Portuguese national team.

Looking at Queiroz’s history here I for one think it wouldn’t hurt to have him back here as Sir Alex’s assistant again. This is no disrespect to Mike Phelan of course but I feel Queiroz worked well at the club. There are some who will say he has left United twice so no thanks but the way I see it is, it’s OK for a man of his reputation to have managerial aspirations of your own

So would you take him back at United as Sir Alex’s #2?

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4 responses to “Could this be United’s most important signing?”

  1. Yosh says:

    In a heartbeat. Queiroz I don’t think get the recognition he deserves. Great scout, great assistant, great man, I mean Fergie even vouched for him in footballing court. Even makes contributions to this day. I’d describe his relationship to the club as a love affair. Torn between a club he loves and his own career.

  2. R.E.D says:

    Well having read the points raised in the related post I think I’ll go with a big YES

  3. Parvin says:

    Don’t even think about it, I’m Iranian and we need this guy desperately! Our football has been a mess for a while and he is the right man to help us qualify for WC2014

  4. Ryan says:

    Love Quiroz. this would be great!