Date: 12th February 2011 at 3:16pm
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I had the pleasure of watching today’s game in an Arsenal pub and it has strengthened my dislike for their fans.

The bitching and moaning about ref’s favouritism at Old Trafford did my nut but there was no better way to silence them. Nani’s goal in the first half just before the break gave us some breathing space but a Dzeko effort that deflected off Silva’s back put City right back in.

Enter Wayne Rooney.

For all the stick he has taken the fact he is still capable of goals like the one he scored means at any moment he can silence any doubt about what he can do. I won’t even describe it, watch for yourself!

As it went in a few classy ones clapped the rest of them sobbed into their pints cursing United’s ‘luck’.


5 responses to “VIDEO GOALS: Something special from Rooney wins the derby”

  1. Jamie Allen says:

    smalling man of match

  2. jonathan says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable match. It never ceases to amaze me how biased the match analyst are against United. If you didn’t watch the match and just went off of what they said you’d think C*ty had won and were far superior. As a credit to them, they played hard but were better the first 20 minutes, but I’d say the game was our’s from then on with a deserved win.
    Our top 3 were: Smalling, Vidic and Nani with an HM to Rooney of course.

  3. Archimonde says:

    haha i wud have loved to see the gooners’ faces when rooney scored that goal. Probably arsenal fans wud make some obscure claim that since a foul wasnt given some 20 minutes earlier, rooney was able to score a goal that van basten wud have been proud of! talk about sour grapes… -_-

    • Chudi says:

      They started singing ‘Ooh to be a Gooner’ when City scored. Proper bunch of pricks, there are some good ones though!

  4. DKD says:

    you guys are all piss-offs. im an Arsenal fans and I feel that rooneys goal was one of the best i have ever seen. As for the ref, i shall never deter from the fact that Some refs are born to give decisions for you, and some are not. yesterday it fell into the latter category, in all honesty.
    the only thing which bothers me is the shit you give about berbatov whos goals against liverpool and Sunderland were equally imprsessive.

    BTW : Rooney plays for the money, just by scoring a goal of the decade does not prove anything. 250,000 a week….if you double cesc wages, and add koscielnys wages to that, you still wont get that much.
    i respect United although i hate them, and I appreciate the wonder goal Rooney scored yesterday….