Date: 19th February 2011 at 4:04pm
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As expect having named the majority of his team yesterday, Sir Alex has made no massive changes to the team that defeat Southampton in the last round.

Rafael comes in at RB whilst Wes Brown comes in at center back to partner John O’Shea. A midfield of Carrick, Anderson and Gibson supports a front trio of Bebe, Obertan and Hernandez.

Having been given squad numbers yesterday, King, Pogba ad Tunnicliffe are all on the bench with the hopes that they will be involved in some capacity at some point in the game.

Man Utd starting XI: Lindegaard, Rafael, Fabio, O’Shea, Brown, Gibson, Carrick, Bebe, Anderson, Obertan, Hernandez

Bench: Kuszczak, Smalling, Fletcher, Rooney, King, Pogba, Tunnicliffe.


10 responses to “TEAM ANNOUNCED vs Crawley: Bebe, Lindegaard & Hernandez start”

  1. Baldrick says:

    Holy Crap! Hope we have some big guns on the bench just in case :O

  2. Wazza says:

    Is this really worthy of an entire blog post?

    It’s this sort of stuff that lets the quality down on here. Worry more about content and less about hits The latter will come if you focus on the former.

    • Chudi says:

      We put out the team sheet before every game and have done so for ages, if you don’t like it feel free to go elsewhere.

      We’ve been doing pretty well without your ‘advice’ for the year we’ve been up and running so feel free to continue keeping it to yourself!

  3. shawn says:


  4. mikyl says:

    what about the subs???
    this team should be more than enough i want to see r.morrison/pogba play

  5. mikyl says:

    2 out of pogba king or tunnicliffe should play…

  6. Ben says:

    Can’t wait to see Pogba play! Really hope he gets some proper time on the pitch..

  7. Di Emperah says:

    It’s funny that SAF says there is no value in the present market yet pays 7 mil for bebe. Seeing that Morrison has so much promise it would have been better to blood him into the team.
    Gibson is a calamity………….sure he might score a few long range efforts today but that would be putting a plaster over the cracks