Date: 28th February 2011 at 10:46pm
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With all the uproar surrounding Wayne Rooney’s elbows you would be forgiven for forgetting that Chelsea’s Ashley Cole took a .22 caliber rifle and shot someone!

Cole, who has been cleared to play tomorrow, as United take on Chelsea down at the Bridge has been in trouble for a number of reasons over the years but taking a gun, albeit an air rifle, and shooting someone takes the biscuit.

The incident is currently being investigated by Surrey police but over in Taiwan it appears they have somehow seen CCTV of the incident as they have come up with a CGI remake of events down at Cobham last Sunday.

It’s still unconfirmed that he turned up in a jester outfit though…


6 responses to “VIDEO FOOTAGE: Ashley Cole shoots Chelsea employee”



  2. Rossi says:


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  4. kelred says:

    despite the fact i would love to see that little ratbag in a thai jail of some description getting bummed as hard as Sir Bobby long range effort- it was a fucking air rifle and the guy was completely fine. ive been shot with an air rifle; it hurts yes, and if your unlucky, it bleeds, but fuck me he isn’t exactly the Washington sniper. Blown out of all proportion much like Rooneys elbow.

    • Red Mick says:

      You may be right, but surely the question is…..Why is the jumped up little prick fucking around with an air rifle in the first place, and how do u accidently shoot someone in the stomach from such a short distance!!

      However as with anything…the english press jump on it and as you say, have probably blown it all out of proportion!!!