Date: 6th March 2011 at 10:06am
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Oxlade-Chamberlain is being linked with a summer move to Old TraffordSir Alex Ferguson is planning a £100m spending spree to rebuild Manchester United in the summer. Tottenham’s Gareth Bale (£30m), Aston Villa’s Ashley Young (£20m), Jordan Henderson of Sunderland (£15m), Everton’s Jack Rodwell (£20m), Alex Oxdale-Chamberlain of Southampton (£10m) and Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg (£10m) are all on the shopping list.
Full story: Sunday Express

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina could be sold to Manchester United after the Spaniard refused to exempt the Premier League leaders from an exit clause in his contract.
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Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson has told Republic of Ireland boss ­Giovanni Trapattoni that he has no intention of quitting Old Trafford.
Full story: Sunday Mirror

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has encouraged his Manchester United rival Sir Alex Ferguson to show more respect to referees.
Full story: Sunday Mirror

Manchester United are sweating on the future of Paul Scholes, 36, who is yet to decide if he is to carry on playing. (People)

Spurs have slapped a £50m price tag on Croatian midfielder Luka Modric to fend off reported interest from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United. (Daily Star Sunday)

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8 responses to “Paper talk: Huge spending spree touted, midfielder wants stay, keeper move possible”

  1. Jacob says:

    British players are way overpriced! Gibson, hmm the verdict is still out on him. Kenny reiterates the same old rubbish at Sir Alex. Maybe he has run out of ideas?

  2. JB says:

    The club doesn’t need to spend £100m on new players so it’s complete rubbish as usual by the tabloids!. The club needs 3 maybe 4 at a push depending on what happens with current players futures in the summer. I would go with Sanchez,Sahin and one of either De Gea or Stekelenburg. We have a fantastic group of youngsters at the club who need to be given a chance, so I would rather this happen then spending stupid money on overhyped players that are labelled the next Scholes etc.

  3. Jonathan says:

    The only rumour I cared about this week was the one where we’re supposedly coming to terms with Pastore. Who knows if it’s true, but one can hope.

    Ashley Young interests me a bit as he’s consistent and versatile. But in case I haven’t repeated myself too much, all pales in the hopes of landing Pastore.

    Goalkeeping, I’d hope we’d give Lindegaard a chance, but if we do set out to bring a star in I’m more swayed to Neuer than anyone else.

    Oh, and we should sign Pastore.

  4. deaz says:

    if united had money to spend why would they have given carrick a new contract? we have no money to spend, only young players for the future.

  5. Farhan says:

    We will be missing a few key players end of this season. We need either highly promissing young players (to be proven) or ones already proven their worth like Sanchez, Young, Chamberlain and Pestore. Along with players we can’t expect much from, some players are too prone to injuries, so that makes it Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Van, Ferdinand, and Valencia!

    I think we need to
    1) Sell Rooney and get some more cash (on top of the £100m)!!!
    2) I hope also the £80m from Ronaldo sale is not part of this £100m and is still available!
    3) MUST GET Sanchez! Even if we have to swap with Valencia
    4) To be bought;
    – Young (2nd ST/WI)
    – Pastore (AM/Playmaker)
    – Bale (LB/LW)
    – Chambelain (M)
    – Adnan (New boy already on his way)
    – Danniele De Rossie (CM)

    I also hope we get Jaun Manuel Iturbe next season from Porto for near future.

    • Chudi says:

      How many times have you seen Chamberlain, Pastore, Adnan, Iturbe etc play

      They are great names to be linked with but I don’t think its ok to judge players off clips, whilst they may have the bit of magic we need, it won’t help if they aren’t productive to the team for large spells of the game.

      • Farhan says:

        I have actually seen their games!

        Not saying we need all the big names or what looks good in the clips. I didn’t say we needed Messi, Pique, Kaka or Tevez back (who by the way would have done a lot better than Rooney for Man U, apart from his attitude!). I didn’t say either that we needed Chalie Adam, who looks very good but he prefers a different team, or Reina or Torres as they are “not badge kissers”, so how do you know by getting them we have players who really want to play for Man U when they have been shown interest by another club and the club may be going through bad times (as we are with recent performances and Glazers). We need players who CAN and WILL give 200% to Man U?

        We need people who are young, enthusiast and able to last the entire game with ease, and at the same time show promise, and have at some stage shown their interest in Man U. All the names I mentioned have at some stage shown some appreciation for Man U, and fit well with everything else I think Man U needs. With all due respect to Giggs and Scholes – you can’t expect them to last the entire games against likes of young Arsenal, Barca or new Liverpool, do you?

        I trust the Man U coaching team that once we get guys like the ones I mentioned, our Coaching team will fill the gaps in these players wherever they exist. But they should be given players who are easy to work with and are already in glow, and not like Bebe who will probably deliver in another year, but takes more effort. As it is, there is not much left in our first team. We are either seriously out of form (Rooney), old (Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Brown), are big that I am starting to see them playing for themselves (mainly Barbatov), whereas the new ones that you could only find in “clips” (i.e. the little Pea, Smalling) are playing the real team game.

  6. shane says:

    We only need a goal keeper and a new midfeilder… Time for the new generation to come up from the reserves!!!!