M&M’s: is this duo the solution to our midfield woes?

Modric could help United's faltering midfieldv United(H) 10/11: 64/77 Successful Passes, 5 interceptions, 3/4 Tackles won

Just a reminder of the impact he had last time he came up against us, bear in mind that stats don’t necessarily reflect the best part of his game which is his running with the ball and his ability to create chances out of nothing. In 08/09 he scored 3 goals and created 9 assists in his most productive season thus far for Spurs, since then he has been superceded in the end product stakes by Van der Vaart. Whilst he may not provide our midfield with a genuine goal threat I do think we can mould him into a more effective player and he can be a massive influence in terms of build up play, a Scholes type presence.

Mascherano too could be part of the solutionNow to a rather more controversial proposal. Who best to replace Hargreaves’ much missed bite and aggression whilst at the same time combining Fletcher’s industry and Carrick’s reading of the game? which player possesses all these attributes? Who has the experience and more importantly is available?

Well I present to you none other than Javier Mascherano.

I know there are many who will cry Arrgh-gentina, no more players from there, let alone one who happens to be Tevez’s best mate and has featured for Liverpool but putting these non-footballing issues aside, he isn’t getting games at Barcelona, would be available at a cut price deal, has 5 more years to offer at the top level and is a reknowned international class footballer. Following are some random Mascherano Big Match stats from his time at Liverpool, phenomenal.

* V Spurs 07/08 (A): 51/63 Successful Passes, 3 Interceptions, 6/6 Tackles Won, 2 Clearances
* V Man City 07/08 (H): 34/44 Successful Passes, 5 Interceptions, 8/13 Tackles Won
* V Chelsea 07/08 (A): 37/48 Successful Passes, 13/14 Tackles Won, 4 Interceptions, 4 Clearances
* V Arsenal 07/08 (H): 30/36 Successful Passes, 13/17 Tackles Won, 2 Interceptions, 1 clearance.

His passing is not mind blowing but he is relatively accurate, for instance he rarely misplaces more than 15 passes and that is only in big games, he is far more precise against weaker opponents. Where he comes into his own is tackles made and interceptions, I’ve been doing United blogs for quite a while now and I’ve never seen defensive stats anywhere near that number, not to mention these are how many he’s won let alone attempted. They are on a whole different level to any defensive midfielder currently in the Premiership. He would more than adequately replace Hargreaves and provide venomous bite to our midfield.

The campaign begins here to bring Silk & Steel to the United Midfield.. Fergie Sign (M) Up, Fergie Fergie Sign (M) Up!

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Raees (Follow me @ www.twitter.com/redrae7)

40 responses to “M&M’s: is this duo the solution to our midfield woes?”

  1. Red Aussie says:

    Great article, but would take issue with the following:
    4-4-2 works well against the bottom half of the premiershpi
    Rooney performed well as a lone striker last season. When will he hit top gear?!
    On signing Modric. If only, but he’s happy at Spurs.
    Jack Rodwell will happen. Would he make the first team of any Champions league side? I doubt it.
    Anderson. It’s possible he might make it – I didn’t think Fletcher or Nani would make it so I’m keeping my options open.
    Fantasy corner. We sign Gareth Bale. Yeah, right.

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