Date: 17th March 2011 at 11:01am
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Sir Alex has been left stunned by the 5 match ban and £30k fine handed to him by the FA following comments he made about referee Martin Atkinson following our game against Chelsea earlier this month.

He is yet to decide whether he will appeal against the harsh sanction that will see him miss important games like the City semi final as well as our trip to the Emirates but is clearly disappointed by the course of action the FA took following a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday and he expressed his dismay saying,

“It is disappointing, it is the only industry where you can’t tell the truth. But it is in the past now.”

But Sir Alex isn’t the only person to question the severity of the FA’s decision as again Carlo Ancelotti has spoken out.

The Chelsea boss who also claimed Sir Alex had every right to be angry with Atkinson’s decisions following our game with his side has claimed the FA have acted too harshly in the dealing with Sir Alex saying,

“I think that, my opinion, is that Ferguson has always had good behaviour and I think five games now is too much.

“There is no reason he has to be out for five matches and I do not think that can change their strength and the power of Manchester United.”


3 responses to “Rival speaks out against Sir Alex’s 5 match ban”

  1. DCC1 says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of the FA – the whole of the governing body needs a shack up. Fergie shouldn’t have made the comments even though he was speaking the truth. Do the FA look at the performances of ref’s and ban them if they make too many mistakes – no they don’t so why can they get anyway with it????

    When Barcelona beat Arsenal in the CL, what about Wenger’s comments and Van Persie – labeling the decision as a ‘joke’, surely that implies the ref is a joke – what will happen to them, yes that’s correct nothing…

  2. Jacob says:

    It’s sad that the FA is as inconsistent as they forever are. Too bad there’s nothing anyone can do about the delusional egotists running the show..

  3. virgopq says:

    I’ve said before & still stand by what I had said earlier . . . The FA, Referees Association, League Mgrs Association & the media are a bunch of wankin’ cunts!.

    Now, wz the latest ban on Fergie, these cunts hv proven tt I was right in my assessment of them!.

    Bloody CUNTS!!!. . . COWARDS!!!.