Date: 23rd March 2011 at 1:30am
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With Manchester United looking for extra bite in the midfield, news that Danielle De Rossi may be open to a move to Old Trafford will come as music to the ears of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Talk of United needing fresh faces in midfield is nothing new and something we have banged on about here on this site too many times than you or I care to remember so The Telegraph’s claims that De Rossi is finally ready to leave Roma and name United as one of his potential destinations in an £18m move may finally allow us to change what has essentially become a broken record.

The Telegraph claim that the 27 year old has become disillusioned with life in Italy after his father in law was apparently executed in a Mafia hit and he then broke up with his wife Tamara. De Rossi, who is Roma’s vice captain, has often asserted that he would not leave the Italian capital but now wants to put this rough patch behind him and with United being one of his main suitors in the past this news will definitely pique our interest. But transfers are never easy and The Telegraph also claim Real Madrid will be watching De Rossi’s situation closely as Jose Mourinho aims to partner him with Xabi Alonso.

Scholes appears to be on his way out this summer but even if he isn’t Fergie sign him up!


9 responses to “Italian battler looking for United move?”

  1. Yosh says:


  2. Cakez says:

    I really doubt it. Firstly, SAF don’t wanna sign anyone above 25 (or was it 26?), which I REALLY don’t see happening for £18m.

    Which I think is good, because even tho we desperatly need something new in central midfield, I don’t think Rossi is who we need. The fact that he’s 27 doesn’t make it better.

  3. Anon says:

    Aint happening, not with the 18m tag at least.
    De rossi is a useful player but I dont think Utd will be willing to spend such a big amount on a 27-yr-old.
    Maybe around 12m would do it. After all, if we are to believe the reports, De rossi is desperately looking for a move.

  4. United Red says:

    De Rossi at £18M is a decent price even for a 27yo and if he is disillusioned with life at Roma, then Old Trafford would welcome him with open arms.
    Sir Alex has indeed said United would not buy players over 26yo but there is always the exception and De Rossi could be that exception?

  5. Danny Salford Red says:

    Overated and not what we need. Creativity please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jonathan says:

    27 isn’t very old and especially for an Italian midfielder you’re likely to get more than a few good years out of him.
    He doesn’t exactly target a need we have, but he’s good enough that he would improve us regardless.

  7. PIP says:

    He won’t move to O.T. so no question to answer.

  8. dennis rankin says:

    moyes biggest mistake was to get rid of utd staff who has more experience than what he has bought with him from everton cant see anyone would sign for utd