Date: 3rd April 2011 at 6:41pm
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Speculation is increasing on how Sir Alex Ferguson will spend his well documented summer war chest.

We have already seen links to Inter Milan’s Wesley Sneijder and Everton’s Jack Rodwell. However, according to The Sun at least, Ashley Young is a hot target with a fee of £25million being discussed. Manchester United are reported to be prepared to offer Young a contract of £100,000 per week.

Young has recently been featuring for England in the games against Wales and Ghana and an England insider said “Him moving to Manchester United was the talk of the dressing room. You can see why United want him.”

The story may have legs, because Young recently turned down a new contract offer from Aston Villa worth £80,000 per week and now has just 14 months to run on his current £65,000 per week contract. Young made a name for himself as a Watford player, first in the Championship and then later in the Premier League. It was Young’s performances in the Premier League that eventually persuaded Aston Villa to part with £9.75million to sign him.

There is fellow Premier League interest in Young with both Liverpool and Tottenham showing an interest. However, Manchester United have the added advantage of being the only one of the three clubs that can currently guarantee Champions League football.

It appears that Young will have an integral part to play for England, if Capello persists with his new 4-3-3 system. Sir Alex Ferguson likes the player a lot and will be especially attracted to the player’s ability to play wide on either flank or up front. Young brings raw pace and skill to the table and also has the ability to get goals at vital times. There is also the suggestion that Young is seen as a long-term successor to Ryan Giggs.

The Verdict

I have always been a big admirer of Ashley Young and he is certainly an exciting player to watch. However, it is hard to imagine how Sir Alex Ferguson is going to accommodate all these proposed new signings. Manchester United already have some fantastic attacking talent and where would these new players leave players like Nani and Valencia.

However, these are really problems for Manchester United and from England’s point of view it would be a good move. We need our best players, playing for the best teams at the right end of the league table. But my feeling is that it would be a case of Sneijder or Young mainly because of the financial outlay and at times they might want to play in similar positions. Also to accommodate both players would be unfair on current players in the United squad that have done so well this season.

I haven’t been convinced by Ashley Young, whilst a good player I’m not sure if he is for us. We already have wide players and even in his secondary striker role we could employ Rooney there behind Hernandez or Berbatov.
The fee of £25m being quoted is obviously incorrect but if that is the fee that is further reason for us to turn up our noses at such a deal. – Ed.

Written by James Kent of Football FanCast


17 responses to “An expensive extravagance or necessary purchase?”

  1. Rohan says:

    Fully agree, 25mil for him is too much considering we already have rooney who nowadays plays in that position + can get better players for that price.

  2. George Bestest says:

    He has a year left in his contract and if they get relegated he can’t honestly cost more than £10m, Valencia is a much better player and cost us less than £16m, I wouldn’t pay over the odds for Ashley Young and I think many United fans are in agreement over that subject.

    If we want to blow big money on a Winger for me it has to be Alexis Sanchez or nothing, we have much more pressing issues.

  3. Isaidso says:

    We have enough wingers, but I suspect Fergie is looking to move Nani on for a tidy sum. Fergie either takes to a player or he doesn’t, and Fergie to my mind has never been a Nani fan. More fool Fergie I say – because Nani serves United better than most when Fergie gives him the chance to play! Ashley Young – NO!

  4. TB9 says:

    couldn’t agree more, he’s a good player, but i can’t see him fitting into our team, and i believe there may be better players out there..

  5. james holden says:

    Agree completely 25m is way over the top for a good player. If we want a winger then I agree get sanchez but i dont think we need one yet anyway. Creative mid, def mid and goalkeepeer is what we need. Maybe a possible central defender for cover. My wish is neuer, rodwell and sahin.

  6. jonathan says:

    It seems virtually every United fan is against Young joining, but I’m open to the idea (though not set on it). Many say that he has good but not great quality; but I’d counter and say playing for Villa has a glass ceiling over what you can prove. Honestly, who here was sincerely impressed with Valencia when he was at Wigan?

    I wouldn’t see it as an extravagant purchase because he can play as a winger and supporting striker, along with plugging into various formations. Any new addition would inevitably affect current members of the squad, but I don’t see him directly pushing anyone out of a particular spot. Moreover, Nani is currently our only winger who can individually cut through defenses. Out depth at wings is a bit overstated, and I don’t know how well prepared we are if Nani suffered an injury.

    All that said, I’m not necessarily sold on him either. It’s too bad the Euro is a year away, because it would be interesting to see what he could do over several games playing alongside world-class players.

  7. Red Devil says:

    I think we should go for the chilean Alexis Sanchez instead of ashley young…..Sanchez is younger, has more potential and can be a world great with the right coaching at United…whereas I dont see Yound being a world beater…this is just my humble opinion of course!

  8. John Tring says:

    SAF is delusional? His dire needs are in CM. Gibson is a joke ( a bad one ), Carrick is getting from bad to worse and Fletcher has reverted to his old self: a lumbering, lost soul. Therefore, it’s not whether AY is a 25-m man ( hey, is Carroll is 35m, why not?? ), Man Utd don’t need a winger but 2 or 3 midfielders, 2 defenders( RF is finished, Evans is a Colchester or Cork-level player ) and of course a keeper. And don’t forget a certain JM. Events in the Bernebau Sat night made it even more likely that JM is leaving. For once David Gill should do his job and tell the Glazers that JM must be hired. SAF should really be given a big thank -you and a cab.

  9. Paul says:

    I agree with the Sanchez comments. He would prove a great signing for us and is also much like Ronaldo was in his adaptability, he can play on the wings, attacking midfield or up front, so for the money he has that versitility which Fergie loves, and if we are honest is all Oshea ever offers as a first teamer! His signing will be massive for the future, but also a huge risk if Liverpool or Arsenal or rivals sign him, could be a catalyst for them. Alexis Sanchez please SAF.

  10. Giggs11Gerrard0 says:

    I dont think we need him, Park, Tony V, and Nani on the wings plus both Fabio and Rafel can fill in and play there.

    I personally want to see United playing with more adventure from the start of games with Hernandez and Berba up top with Rooney playing as a 21 year old Scholes.

    Rooney could be that player we are searching for, his passing has become tremendous and will score goals.