Date: 15th April 2011 at 12:29am
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Manchester United have got into the swing of things just at the right time.

Competing on three fronts, it appears our players have clicked at the right time. Park has been performing, Rio has returned, Hernandez remains a threat and Rooney has gotten over his poor early season form but arguably one of the biggest factors in our recent form is the return of Antonio Valencia.

Having been out since September after horrifically injuring his ankle against Rangers in the Champions League at Old Trafford, Valencia’s return has been a breath of fresh air for the team and whilst it may be a tad presumptuous his return partly coincides with the change in Rooney’s form.

Speaking to FIFA.Com the Ecuadorian winger spoke about joining United, getting over the injury and United in general:

“I feel really good, I’ve been getting in the team for the last few games and I’m pleased about that. I can now say I’m back to 100 per cent. The six months I spent on the sidelines were quite tough, especially to start with. When you start to see progress it encourages you and all you think about is getting back playing again.”

Joining United from Wigan was a massive step up for the winger, the shadow of Ronaldo loomed large but Valencia quickly established himself as his own player and although it wasn’t easy he puts his assimilation into the team down to the support he received:

“It was hard to adapt during my first year here, but I got through it thanks to my team-mates and the manager.”

Whilst he may feel it was hard to adapt, he praised a player that has taken to being a United player like a duck to water, Javier Hernandez:

“He’s doing really well and it’s taken him no time at all to settle in. It’s made a big difference to United that he feels so at home and is scoring so many goals.”

And of course he had something o say about the man of the moment Ryan Giggs,

“I work hard every day to grow and improve as a player.

“I really like the way Giggs goes about his business, I’ve got a lot of admiration for him. He’s a great pro, a great team-mate, and in my view he’ll be able to carry on playing for a long time yet.”


9 responses to “Valencia on the injury, settling in at United, Chicharito and Giggs”

  1. I can’t believe how mint Valencia has been since his return from injury.

    You always worry with an injury like the one he sustained that the player may not quite be the same, or at the very least take time to get back into the swing of things.

    Valencia’s picked up where he left off: awesome!

  2. when all the united team its unbeatable.thanks to all players who are giving their so as we nave a dream treble.just hoping FLETCHER will be fit soon so as we make happen.BIG UP TO ALL MAN U FANS.TANZANIA

    • Don says:

      Oya! Hawa jamaa wanamind kishenzi ukiita club Man U maana ni mabezo so next time kumbuka its Man Utd or United or anything else. Nashangaa hamna aliyesema kitu by now! United will never die!

  3. lexxy says:

    Javier has been a revelation dis season. And he is streets ahead of 35m Andy Carrol. . And Valencia has been a relief since his comeback. Whenever Nani starts frustrating Tony v simply takes over

  4. john says:

    i wouldnt say valencia is back a 100% becuase if u look at his crossing in its not that standard that it was last year but its getting better his low crossing is really good but his high crossing is nt the complete product yt i think 2 to 4 games more will see those crosses back

  5. duncan onyango says:

    valencia is one of the best winger,i always like his combination with rooney,hanandez,nani he is a good player.

  6. Sospeter odenyo says:

    Kweli mafans wa manchester united tuko wengi hapa east africa!big up to all united fans in kenya and the rest of the world!here’s to united smashing citeh to smitherens in fa cup semis!GGMU!

  7. red me says:

    I love valencia & i think him and nani are the best wingers in the epl, @the don brush up on ur swahili iko down