Date: 18th April 2011 at 12:24pm
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Injuries, lack of playing time and your contract is running out in the summer.

has enough on is plate as it is so the sly dig from former Newcastle chief Freddy Shepherd is probably unwelcomed at this time.

Shepherd, or the fat controller as he was unaffectionately know, isn’t thought of too fondly on the Tyne.

Aside from mocking one of Newcastle’s best players ever in and calling their female supporters ‘dogs’, Shepherd also sold his shares in the club to another bumbling buffoon in Mike Ashley before trying to buy the club back years later.

In control of Newcastle for 11 years, Shepherd saw some sh*t players come and go but some how tops that list for him.

Speaking in the Sunday Sun, Shepherd said of the striker:

“It was probably the worst deal I did at Newcastle.

“That is just being frank. We paid £16million and we didn’t get £16million worth of value out of him.

“And there was no added value off the pitch . . . the added value was nil off the pitch.

“I’m not having a go at the kid as he was fine when he got on the pitch.”

In the 11 years Newcastle were under Shepherd’s control he saw some awful players and I can’t imagine Owen was the worst of them. I mean what about Marcelino, Bramble, Guivarc’h or even Hugo ‘best player in the world’ Viana? Pretty sure there are tons more that could make the list ahead of Owen!