Give Dimitar Berbatov a break!

3. Scapegoat

Football is a team sport.

Berbatov is no Maradona. I talked about what I thought were influential goals above and of course, while they were instrumental to a certain extent, the team around him must also take a lot of credit for Man United grinding out the wins while our star player, Rooney, was trying his best to alienate everyone who adored him at the start of the season.

But Berba bashers always find a way to blame the Bulgarian for the club’s results.

When he wasn’t scoring in his first 2 seasons, someone on Twitter pointed a finger at him for, wait for it you are going to love this, COSTING US two FA cups, the Premier League (didn’t specify which year) and the Champions League last year! Mind-blowing nonsense!

So, people think they can blame ONE player for losing us so many competitions in 2 years at the club? So, after scoring quite a few this season and us being top of the league, surely now, using the same erroneous philosophy, Berba IS the only player to thank for us being up there? Why is it that you can blame ONE player when things go wrong, but completely discredit that player’s contribution and congratulate the OTHER players in the team when things go well? It doesn’t make sense!

I am sure I could argue on and on and people will still find a miss here and there to fuel their dislike of Berba. He’s very much like Carrick in that sense. They are constantly (and unfairly) compared to others and people criticise them disproportionately more.

As for whether Berba has let us down or not, I think he never has. He sure had 2 relatively poor seasons, but this season, there has been marked improvement.

He is no Messi, he is no Ronaldo. Don’t expect him to be.

On the question of whether he will leave in the summer or not, there may be a case for selling him, but not because of his previous 2 seasons, which are hold little relevance. Looking at this season, I would love him to stay as he seems to be enjoying his football much more and we have reaped the benefits. He had shown what he can do at Spurs and this season has shown with a bit of confidence in himself and from the manager that he can do a job.

Feel free to share your Berba hate below!

29 responses to “Give Dimitar Berbatov a break!”

  1. D.Bozhilov. says:

    That’s the spirit Yosh! Very neatly put, especially on Easter Day!

  2. david says:

    berbatov is a great striker for a league like the serie a but as for epl and man utd he does not fit in the style of play and i hope he rots on the bench till he is sold or out of a contract or maybe even get a bad injury that forces him into retirement…when united rely on him to perform hes no where to be found(unless of course hes shouting to the heavens or pointing where he wants his pass as if he has any pace to get there) complete rip off 30 mill for nothing we could have bought a young talented striker for that much (benzema,aguero,balotelli) complete waste of money and almost 80% of his goals were useless goals(already winning 2-0 or something) 5 goals against blackburn(a team about to be relegated and had no chance as man utd struck fear into theyre hearts within 30 seconds) conclusion: dimitar berbatov is not welcome in manchester