Date: 28th April 2011 at 11:45pm
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After last night’s Barca/Real game the sycophants were out in full force proclaiming Messi the greatest player ever.

The fan boys and fan girls took to the net to proclaim their love for him with messages like: ‘OMG <3 Messi’ and ‘Messi 4 lyf’ but Messi wasn’t the only player running through teams last night.

As Flamengo beat Horizonte 3-0, defensive midfielder Willian showed anything Messi can do he can do too as he slalomed through the Horizonte team before dummying the keeper and slotting in.

OMG Willian lyk we luv u!!!


4 responses to “VIDEO: Messi eat your heart out! Willian scores a solo effort”

  1. TB9 says:

    I can’t understand how those two goals are considered brilliant ?! Defenders make no real attempt to stop them .. poor defending not great goals .. if it was vidic in albiols position against messi, he NEVER get through, no way .. it was simple poor defending.. compare that to giggsy’s goal in 99, when 4 of the best (although i hate to say that) defenders in england were surrounding him, challenges coming in from right and left, he skipped thru them, and applied a fantastic finish .. that’s a great goal !

  2. wow says:

    TB9 albiol and ramos are world cup winners and he had both diarra and alonso on his back with marcelo supporting them yet he still ran through them all to score. I admit it wasn’t the greatest bit of defending but for Giggs’ goal the defending from Keown is abysmal seeing as the ball was right next to him. If you want to see a genuinely world class goal type in ‘messi vs getafe goal’ on youtube. that is a great goal.

  3. Elvino says:

    We still gonna beat them in the final,them or Real its by time we start saying we the best in the world and believing in our team nevermind Barca, United we are United we’ll win this league and Champions League. Now who believes in that over all the media crap?

  4. Brazilian Fan says:

    I saw this match. He only scored because the quarterbacks were bad and also Horizonte, haha. Messi is nothing more than an fast opportunistic, which always scores when the defenders are not as good. I do not think it will pass our defense.

    google translator, ftw.