Date: 1st May 2011 at 7:47pm
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Being able to do sexy and cute is something few WAGs can pull off.

Some make you have impure thoughts whilst others will make you want to take them home to mum but it appears that Lara Alvarez has struck the right balance!

Not just a pretty face, Alvarez is a TV presenter having graduated in journalism from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and using her degree has become one of Spain’s most famous broadcast journalist. Late last year she was romantically linked with Madrid defender Sergio Ramos and it is easy to see why!



5 responses to “WAG of the week: Ramos scores a winner in Alvarez”

  1. Chudi says:

    Apparently she’s not such a catch as they broke up!

  2. Gazza_on_Wazza_off says:

    she is absolutley stunning!!!!!!!

  3. jonathan says:

    Red Knight, you clearly need a latin lover because virtually every WAG you present is Italian, Spanish or Argentinian. If there’s someone you know personally, just let your feelings show!

  4. dld_ftw says:

    You’re a bit late on this one…they broke up over a month ago.

  5. Walton Thiry says:

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