Date: 6th May 2011 at 8:33pm
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With all the pics floating around it appears that we finally have confirmation on United’s new home kit.

Not too bad although and the collar looks better than some of the leaked pics we saw.



20 responses to “PICTURE: Confirmation – This is our new home kit!”

  1. RedScot says:

    Most of these doughnuts do not know what is involved here, its not a game for some United supporters. Not what the great Bill Shankly said, Nor the Sadly Missed Jock Stein….Ignore our history ,like Sir Matt laid down as the blue print….we plan to fail.I trust my boss. He will drive us home, to our 19th and with a smimgen of luck his 3rd champions league success.And Uniteds 4th … are you watching Dippers
    You gotta believe…dont you?

  2. deaz says:

    dont buy the new shirt you are just giving the glazers more money to service the debt, we want them to sell up and as long as they can keep up the repayments they will stick around.

  3. Arvind says:

    Nice………… Rocking Awesome!!! Better than this year’s!!!

  4. Pretty boy George says:

    Hasn’t got the “shield” around the crest ….

    Does everybody know what I mean ? For the past three jerseys We always have the badge embroidered onto A shield … And this kit doesn’t seem to show any sign of that ‘shield’

    So my guess is this isn’t the finished product…could e the concept…and if it is I would be very happy
    Best kit since 07-09 hope we keep it for two seasons though

  5. dave102 says:


  6. croney says:


  7. Red Knights have done a runner says:

    Gotta laugh at all the Red Knight lovers. What’s happened to the saviours.
    Please take note (including Red Scott) the Glazers are business men and know what they’re doing lol

  8. stuart says:

    omg it looks so different to the last one,i dont bother with the shirts they dont keep it long enough.