Date: 11th May 2011 at 2:56pm
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When you think of Jose Mourinho, you think of a charismatic, cocksure even arrogant man.

Naming himself ‘The Special One’ may have played a big part in how we perceive him and the fact success has followed him wherever he has gone has helped inflate his ego but it appears his spell in Spain has taken a little something out of him.

Having been tormented by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona including being on the wrong end of a humbling 5-0 loss as well as losing his 9 year unbeaten at home record has Jose lost a bit of confidence in himself.

It was previously thought that Jose was looking to take over from Sir Alex once he finally decided to call it a day but Gerry Armstrong has exclusively revealed to Talk Sport that Jose wants no part of the Old Trafford hot seat.

Speaking to Richard Keys and Andy Gray on their radio show, the pundit claimed:

“He doesn’t want to be the next manager of Manchester United because he thinks the next manager of Manchester United is going to fail.”

Whilst he doesn’t want to takeover when Sir Alex retires he will be ready to take over from Sir Alex successor.

Guess Pep has brought him down to the earth with a bump!


9 responses to “‘The Special One’ isn’t too keen on Old Trafford hot seat…yet”

  1. Taylor says:

    Following Sir Alex would be an enormous task. So far, only Liverpool was able to have good continuity when a legend retired: Shankly, Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish. But the rest after them failed miserably.

    I don’t think Mourinho enjoys developing players: he’s a good manager but in most cases he buys “finished” players instead of developing young players. This doesn’t work with Manchester United.

  2. night life says:

    Well said Taylor, you probably spot on.

  3. scotsman jock jock says:

    moyes ?

    coyle ?

    keep it scottish ?

    i think coyle has more about him than moyes personally

    wheres ya troosas

  4. Taylor says:

    One name that springs to my mind is Paul Lambert. But we’ll see how he fares with Norwich. If he does well, that’ll be the one to watch. He has the pedigree (learning from Ottmar Hitzfield at Dortmund and Martin O’Neill at Celtics) and he is accumulating good experience. But we’ll see.

    I don’t see anyone fit replacing Sir Alex if he retires next season. Guardiola might be in the similar mould – his style and philosophy fits United but if he doesn’t want to stay forever @ Barca, would he stay forever @ United ?

  5. ManUTDtotheCore says:

    Still think he’ll be a very good candidate…GGMU. 19th title in the bag…and what a bag!

  6. karlomu says:

    i can,t see sir alex leaving next season or even the season after but on the off chance he did leave theres only one manager in my book suited and thats ancelotti..i know its a strange one but if chelsea are stupid enough to sack him at the end of the season we should bring him back in a few seasons time seeking revenge..a manager with a great pedigree and also a more positive style of play than mourinho…

  7. jonathan says:

    I still lean towards Moyes. He probably bears most similar characteristics to Fergie than anyone else who comes to mind, and not just his nationality.

    His always has well disciplined sides and well-balanced tactics with the whole team working together offensively and defensively. He clearly has an eye for talent and utilizes the ressources given him to the maximum degree. The fact that Everton are virtually always in the top 7 in spite of not having any more money than most other clubs in the League says a lot about Moyes.

    His lack of hi-profile achievement may work against him, but it’s not fair to hold that against him since he was never in the financial position to bring Everton to that level. I’m sure there’s a number of hi-profile managers who’d have initial success if they took over; but if people are truly interested in someone in the mold of Fergie who has a belief in youth and can spot talent beyond looking at the headlines, as well as staying longer than a couple seasons, than Moyes is a better candidate.

  8. Taylor says:

    Moyes doesn’t get along with Rooney.

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