The Busby Way’s Champions League final preview

Two players to make the job easier – Barca

In order to have a better understanding as to this Barca sides weaknesses, which 2  players do you reckon would take this Barca side to an even higher level than it already is and aid them in the destruction of United this weekend. No restrictions it could be anyone, in my opinion someone like Kompany at centre-back, would excel at a side like Barcelona and the other more controversial selection is the figure of Luis Suarez. I think he’s the dynamic mercurial figure that would excel playing up front for the Catalans, contributing in build up play but also being very dangerous in behind.

Could these two players make Barca's job that much easier on Saturday?

Two players to make the job easier – United

Same premise again, the mission this time destroying Barca. I think a midfield maestro is a must, for me it’d be Cesc Fabregas, who whilst he hasn’t enjoyed the best tussles against his old club.. I think surrounded by the mentally tough and penetrative players of United, he would excel. Imagine a Fabregas through ball to Hernandez –  fully jizzed… but as for the other option, it’d be a fight between Bale or Robben on the left to exploit Alves’ forward runs. Both are great counter-attackers, the latter is more proven and a superior goal threat but the former offers more industry and balance. I pick Balobben.


Ok hopefully you’ve enjoyed this despite its long-winded nature, but I just thought the biggest match of the season deserved a lengthy article dedicated to it and hopefully some of the stats or points raised may have helped push you towards a particular prediction or lineup which was closed off to you before.

Prediction time; I’m going for a United win, I genuinely think it can be done. Looking at the stats, if we play it right, we can be in that few % of sides that are just the type of attacking side which Barca find difficult, full of energy, precise on the counter-attack and robust at the back.

Barca can win this game without being at their best, the same can’t be said about this United side. We have to perform, pure and simple. I’d go 4-4-2 first half, try to nick a goal and risk it whilst we’ve still got fresh legs and then go 4-5-1 in the second half if we’re struggling to contain them.

Best thing about this United side, is that we have a lot of options on the bench,we’re an adaptable side, lets hope its adapting in order to keep a lead rather than having to chase it.

Anyway, thanks for reading.. roll on Saturday!

If you are a reader of our site then you will be well aware of Raees, his pieces are often brilliant but I think he has outdone himself with this. If you have a twitter be sure to follow him @RedRae7_MUFC and let him know personally how good his preview was! – Ed.

2 responses to “The Busby Way’s Champions League final preview”

  1. Tope says:

    Great article… Really extensive. I hope we beat barca tomorrow but it must be a team effort.

  2. james holden says:

    Brilliant read. Hopefully tonight were crowned the best in Europe!