Date: 30th May 2011 at 1:15am
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Following the Champions League final defeat to Barcelona on Saturday night you would expect Sir Alex Ferguson to be in a rather stormy mood.

The game will give Sir Alex lots to think about this summer in terms of his team and it’s development but in the immediate aftermath he found himself smiling after being asked ‘the stupidest question ever’.

Good to see Sir Alex smiling after such a tough game and I expect he is already planning what has been termed mission impossible, knocking Barcelona off their so called perch!

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4 responses to “VIDEO: Sir Alex answers his ‘stupidest question ever’”

  1. Colie says:

    I get it…cause Fergie would of taken the full 11 off Barcelona…really was a stupid question. !!!

  2. Mathiew says:

    No it’s because it obvious he’d buy Messi, who wouldn’t in that situation

  3. James says:

    You have to love Ferguson, he has a great attitude even after a disappointing defeat. It was a really stupid question to ask but his response was brilliant.

  4. RedScot says:

    Of course its a stupid question he ,the greatest British football manager ever is quiet right to rebuff the ignorance of the journo,with a swipe at that mercenary,who shafted Wet spam and Liverfail.
    If we had won Champions league trophy he would be selecting a player from the team that won World cup, so we would be lifting Big Ears and the Jules Rimet cup.It was a forlorn task.
    Get over it, move on rebuild and listen to the nonesense about to hit the fan about numerous signings required to reshape the team that newly won the l9th Premiership title by clear points.
    Uniteds achilles heel this season has clearly been our away form as witnessed at Wembley, he will address that issue, and find the solution.
    Having dropped 2 points all season at Old Trafford we aint so shit, are we?
    The key point for me out of all the ‘fall out’ from the lesson we were given at Wembley is how tired and drained and outfoxed the manager appeared.I sincerely hope I dont read to much into that and the ‘consequence’ might be more than a right royal humping in a football game.
    Enjoy the celebrations in Manchester later as the players parade the 19th trophy round the city.He did say at the end of last season “we will bring it back to you next year”.He kept his word.Job done.