Date: 31st May 2011 at 9:02am
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During yesterday’s parade to commemorate United’s 19th league title, David Gill confirmed that United would be in for busier than usual summer.

It was not the first time he has said this as he made the same claims at the club’s award dinners weeks ago.

Speaking to MUTV yesterday Gill stated,

“It will be a busier than usual summer this year.

“I will be going away at some point in June and be back for the start of our tour but I will be on with player stuff for the next few weeks I am sure.”

This will again be music to the ears of most United fans as many of us have increasingly called for signings since last summer and in light of Saturday’s crushing defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League final the calls have grown.

Already deals for the likes of Aston Villa’s Ashley Young and Atletico Madrid goalkeeper David De Gea are being touted as done deal but considering we knew that we would have to bring in a goalkeeper the additional signing of Ashley Young (if true) hardly constitutes a claim of a ‘busier than usual summer’.

So if there are to be more signings who do you think we are looking at?

Luka Modric is a name that has been repeatedly mentioned as well as Wesley Sneijder despite him saying he plans on  being in Italy next season. Young French defender Raphael Varane is another that has been touted for a move to United with The Guardian going as far as saying the deal is completed but the fine details are still being ironed out.

Tons of names have been mentioned and to capitalise on Gill’s words will be mentioned in the coming weeks but who do you think we are looking at (realistically)?


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