Date: 19th June 2011 at 9:22am
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Javier Hernandez has been on fire for Mexico at the Gold Cup and today’s goal may just be the most important as Mexico came from behind to beat neighbours Guatemala.

Guatemala took the lead after 5 minutes and could have seen their lead extended before the break but changes from Mexico at half time made the difference as they drew level on 48 minutes before Hernandez scored with a reactionary effort on the 66th minute to send Mexico into the Gold Cup semi final.

Following his winner Hernandez said,

β€œThe goal was just instinct. I saw the ball at my feet and put the ball in the net.

β€œThis time it was different than the other games when we scored first. We went in and we knew we had to work hard in the second half to get our chances.”

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16 responses to “VIDEO: Superb Chicharito goal helps Mexico survive scare”

  1. next lev says:


  2. Yushau says:

    Better, compare to messi in international front.

  3. Mico says:

    Really starting to like watching Mexico!! πŸ™‚
    30 goals next season…as long as pre-season is not totally spoilt by this prolonged summer of football for him, and coming on top of last years World Cup as well. But it’s amazing how he keeps getting better and better. Maybe some guys just love playing football!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Anya Felix Onuchukwu says:

    Chicharito Hernandez,is God’s to Manchester United and we Love him for making us proud everyday.

  5. n55i5n5i says:

    That early goal made Guatemala adopt a Mourinho-esque tactic early on (lol πŸ˜‰ ). Very happy Mexico pulled through or else I would have been pissed losing in that anti football way! They also almost ended Marquez’s career with a disgusting slide on Marquez’s leg smh..

    Honduras up next! πŸ™‚

  6. dave says:

    Love chicarito , dont get me rong . just like to see him score a goal maybe from a little dribble , a bit more to it distance maybe . Just to show a few more strings to his bow .Goal against valencia was class though the best goal he,s scored i think. Sill an great return for club and country .How many games did he start last season not many early on for berba was first choice.

  7. Yosh says:

    wtf this guy is insane! so glad he is a united player.

    • dave says:

      To put it short mate he’s fucking overated . Need to see him do more than a tap in . I hope im rong but i think he will fade next seoson

  8. Ryan says:

    Dave – fuck off. I think thats enough. Keep tapping them in, big game player

  9. dave says:

    fucking rimmed twice by barca and everyones creaming about a little mixicano it pisses me off big time KEENO

  10. Ryan says:

    racist douchebag. not a proper fan. He was the reason we lost to barca? what a clown you are. city fan prob