Date: 20th June 2011 at 4:30pm
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Not just a great healer, time also acts as a great indicator.

Somethings that was not apparent yesterday may become clearer today.

Thus when Faith Baldwin said,

“Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.”

few can or will disagree because we as people and our attitudes can and will change as time passes.

It was just over a year ago, with United touring the States, that I argued with a man on Twitter who was incensed that I would state that Danny Welbeck was better than and had more to his game Kiko Macheda. So incensed in fact that he unfollowed me for expressing such an opinion.

But even if it wasn’t as unpopular an opinion then as this man’s reaction suggested, there are few if any without good reason that will disagree now.

I don’t say this because of Macheda’s poor spell in Italy either, it was a learning lesson. It may be felt that he learned nothing from the spell at Sampdoria but mentally what he picked up from his time back in Italy may speak volumes later on, so instead I look to not only what Welbeck has shown us previously but what he has in the past year.

It was said that his frame was too slight and that would work against but on last summer’s tour as well as a confidence in his play, he showed he had filled out and began using his size to his advantage as the rough edges began to round off.

Despite injuries intervening at points of his season, Welbeck will look back on 2010/2011 favourably. Despite making his name at United, it’s at Sunderland where he has begun to establish himself as his time with Bent and Gyan looked to be beneficial. He earned a calling up to the England senior squad and at u21 level hasn’t found goals hard to come by, scoring both of England’s efforts at the European Championship amongst others.

Given the opportunity at the Stadium of Light, Welbeck has taken to the role of a Premier League player. Not all players his age, especially strikers, find it easy to make the step up but at Sunderland, away from the bright lights of Old Trafford, he was able to play and learn his trade pressure free.

His goal against Chelsea capped a top notch performance against top notch opposition and he would also score a brace against Everton amongst other teams as people began to sit up and take notice, none more so than Steve Bruce who has continually attempted to make overtures for his signature to make what was a loan deal permanent.

Sir Alex has continually rebuffed his former defender’s attempts and in March he put Welbeck (and Tom Cleverley) firmly in his plans when he said,

“Welbeck has been fantastic too, it’s just unfortunate that he picked up a bad injury.

“They will come back into the first-team squad and they will get plenty of games next season. They are part of the band of young players coming through at this club. They will all come back in.”

With that being said it appears that Welbeck will be a United striker next season. He himself seems keen to take an opportunity given to him by Sir Alex but the qustion is how frequently will they come?

United already have 4 strikers with the inform partnership of Rooney and Hernandez, top scorer Berbatov and Michael Owen who recently signed a new deal. There is a place for Welbeck amongst them but will he be discouraged to see that Berbatov was unable to break up the dominance of Rooney and Hernandez on the striking places in the starting line up?

Will he be content with just cameos, Carling Cup and FA Cup appearances? All games are experience at his age so they will be welcomed but he will realise that he could be playing more games away from Old Trafford.

I could be wrong and he may find he gets more time on field that I assume. As Manchester United, we will invariably have a long season and in order to keep the squad fresh for the latter part, players wil be moved around and Welbeck may benefit from this too.

It’s not even confirmed he will be used purely as a striker as he has shown he still has much to offer from wide positions or as part of a front 3 but even in that capacity there is competition likely to be increased with the arrival of Ashley Young.

At this stage in Welbeck’s career it’s all about progression and development, he himself will tell you that this past year has been integral to his growth and the coming year will be just as, if not more important. Sir Alex has made assurances to him about game time and he will be keen to see that the promises are kept if he is to continue progressing as he has despite the stiff competition he faces.

By the way if you’re the guy that unfollowed me, feel free to follow me again. I forgive you.


9 responses to “Is it time for this starlet to be given a chance?”

  1. MancunianGangsta says:

    I went to school with Danny Welbeck. From a young age you could see how talented and far superior he was to kids his own age, he has alot more to his game, his speed and control reminds me of T Henry. Welbeck is commited to staying at United as he’s a Manchester Lad, let’s hope he is given the chances and excels further

  2. karlomu says:

    i always tought welbeck had more to offer than macheda.He reminds me of a taller version of andy cole in terms of movement and speed.The strange thing for me with welbeck geting recalled to feature next season was the signing of owen for an other year because they both offer the same thing even though owens game has changed in his latter years but both are poacher like strikers along with hernandez whilst rooney and berba are more creative types.Maybe fergie will have him feature more than owen in terms of starts.i really hope so theres alot of promise at the club with young players coming through, macheda also has a future but maybe another loan spell in the premier league this time would be what he needs…

  3. Yosh says:

    United have always been the team to beat when we have options. Welbeck gives us that. Where he will fit will be a tough one to figure out and that is exactly why we are the fans and Sir Alex is the manager (hate to sound condescending) this is where always earns his money. Time and time again people mention Sir Alex’s ability to destroy and rebuild but you must also remember he also has a potent remedy for selection headaches. I am glad we have been rebuffed in our search for a creative midfielder because now it allows our club to get creative! Tom Clev – the stage is all yours! 😉

  4. Markus says:

    I don’t see Owen as a direct threat to his place to be honest. If you play the odds then Owen will be injured at some point and Welbeck will have to step in. Hernandez’ involvement with Mexico in the close season will mean even he will need a rest and will return to Pre-Season a lot later than the rest of the lads.

    It’s interesting all this talk about who we are going to sign when Ferguson has already taken De Gea, Young and Jones. Those are 3 signings out of an expected…3. He has always said he plans to use Cleverley and Welbeck next season. I for one am glad to see it.

  5. Faisal says:

    I think it is time Ravel Morrison and Paul Pogba were given their chance at United.

  6. pjch says:

    Have to hold my hand up and say I was so wrong abot Welbeck. The lad has proved with his loan spell at Sunderland that he has a very bright future at the club. I hope Cleverley has the same chance but I still feel the club needs a couple of top class midfield signings if we are to take on Barca. Any 2 from Sneider Nasri or Sanchez for me (unless Sanchez goes to Barca).
    We have the squad capable of winning number 20 but don’t think its going to be strong enough to take on Barca and outplay them like they outplayed and outclassed us at Wembly

  7. jetelinho says:

    well, unlike others, I think that since we are talking about Kiko & Danny goalwise = about them as strikers, Kiko has more of a killer instinct within the penalty area, more powerful shot, is a true finisher, Danny is not at all a hard-working (I meant hard ENOUGH working …) player, in fact seems to me like miles from that. Agree with the Henry confirmation though on the other side – i.e. I am not saying there is nothing in Danny, I DO believe both of these boys HAVE a bright future with us & shall be given a proper chance sooner rather then later … but if I had to choose one … plus had it to be for the STRIKER position, then – atm – Kiko is a true finisher within the area for me. WISH THEM BOTH GOOD LUCK though & hope to see them coming from the youth team to our first squad.

  8. Danette says:

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