Date: 23rd June 2011 at 8:17am
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The sign of a real goal scorer is that he is always there when it counts to put the ball in.

Over the past few days I’ve noticed a mini backlash against Javier Hernandez as Dimitar Berbatov’s future becomes more and more uncertain but however you feel about the ’empty net specialist’ you can’t deny his goal scoring ability.

The striker has kept up his recent goal scoring streak in the Gold Cup but grabbing his 7th goal of the competition to ensure Mexico would face America in this year’s final, a rematch of the 2007 final.

This was the last match Mexico lost in the Gold Cup but with Hernandez amongst their ranks I’m willing to bet they fare better this time round.

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21 responses to “VIDEO: Hernandez scores again to help Mexico into the Gold Cup final”

  1. Pete says:

    Hernandez will be immense for us next season, a player that brings a lot of excitement to a game, something we’ve missed since Ronaldo’s departure.

  2. MancunianGangsta says:

    what backlash? Get Berba out, didn’t want him in the first place, slowed down our game and is nothing like Cantona

  3. JETELINHO says:

    ‘empty net specialist’ ??? – that´s harsh – well, JUST check his goals for United & you won´t probably call him like that again (… since it hadn´t been a humor only which I have not caught …??)

    well done chicha!

    • Yosh says:

      Is he any good because I couldn’t tell from the 20 goals he scored last season. (..and seing as you don’t get light humour I should warn you I was being sarcastic)

  4. Saeed says:


    Empty net specialist?
    What backlash?

    Are you sure your talking about the same player?
    The one I’m talking about is likened to Gary Lineker and Michael Owen by SAF.

    His speed has outstripped defences, his movement,confused them.

    He’s scored against the top teams in England, Europe and the World.

    His FIRST season he began as a bit part player and sub, finished by being MU top striker.

    Jose Mourinho wants to take him to Real for £40m

    He’s currently one of the worlds most potent striker.

    Looking at his 20 goals in the Prem how many had the defenders and keeper around him or on the goal line? most of the goals…

    Think you need to wake up and apologise.

    p.s if your going to make dumbass comments then expect a ……BACKLASH

  5. Andy says:

    Where is this ‘backlash’ you speak of?

    • Chudi says:

      A sample of comments regarding Hernandez from comments left on here over the past few days:

      “but chico is an empty net specialist…”

      “Love chicarito , dont get me rong . just like to see him score a goal maybe from a little dribble , a bit more to it distance maybe . Just to show a few more strings to his bow .Goal against valencia was class though the best goal he,s scored i think. Sill an great return for club and country .How many games did he start last season not many early on for berba was first choice.”

      “To put it short mate he’s fucking overated . Need to see him do more than a tap in . I hope im rong but i think he will fade next seoson”

      “fucking rimmed twice by barca and everyones creaming about a little mixicano it pisses me off big time”

      “If Hernandez doesn’t score we’re effectively playing with 10 men.”

      • huh ? says:

        chudi these comments are by the same person, no ?

        • Chudi says:

          nope a number of different posters. It’s weird to me as normally fans would look to celebrate as well as boost their own players rather than pull him down.

          It’s OK to state he has limitations but to call him overrated is another thing.

    • Yosh says:

      I’m guessing these comments come from the very outspoken lands of twitter. Where all things that happen in the world start.

  6. huh ? says:

    whats the celebration all about any one know ? ?

    little pea can only get better

    • tony says:

      a former Honduras coach said that Hernandez was going to be scare to face the Honduras defenders.

      • huh ? says:

        t looked like something to do with money ???

        • Cynic says:

          A former honduran coach said that he would be scared to face the honduran defenders just like luis hernandez (another mexican foward) was. The little motion hes doing with his hand, well over here signifies that the person your doing it to has no balls or is scared. So basically he was saying im not scared im not scared. Wich i thought was awesome hes a humble kid but if you attack him he’ll try his best to triumph and remind you about it.

  7. Ryan says:

    kid has a knack for goal. right place right time. love it

  8. Jennings says:

    He’s gonna be immense! Over-rated? 50Million for Torres…That’s over-rated! What a joke of a statement. How can you say that when he has had half a season and proved that he’s top class already! 20 for United and 7 for Mexico in the competition so far! What planet are you on? Just because you tap goals in instead of scoring them from range doesn’t make any difference! A goal is a goal and they all count the same! These players you talk of that score from range or take three players on and score have to do that because they haven’t got the instinct and awareness in the box that Chicha has! Players have different attributes and the fact is he has got an eye for goal like no other, which is definitely the best attribute to have as goals win games!! You obviously don’t play football I bet you sit on your sofa at home critisising while munching youre chocolate hobnobs!

  9. Yosh says:

    I can only pray now he does not get injury ravened, hase a fall out with the manager, never has a dream to play for a spanish club, thanks to tevez i think he will not be crossing that boarder, look how miserable the mug is. Imagine RVN growing old at united, it would have been bliss!