Date: 3rd July 2011 at 2:25am
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So we have made three purchases already this summer but it is obvious to all that the one type of player we have all been asking for since Scholesy lost some mobility and Hargo became a perma-crock has not yet been signed.

Clearly this United team needs something extra in the middle of the park, it is soft there and we were often overrun away from home.

Last season Darren Fletcher really didn’t reach the heights of the previous two seasons.  I would like to think that this was just an aberration and we will see him back to his barn-storming best next season. Carrick blew hot and cold, I tend to think he plays better without Paul Scholes, as he always seemed in awe of the Ginger Prince (quite rightly) and he would be subservient to him in his play not using his great passing range and creativity.  Whilst Ando also showed glimpses of what he can do, I think with a full preseason behind him for the first time this coming season could be his best.  Finally Park had a few goes in there too.

So to return to the transfer market.  Ashley Young has arrived and like Valencia he is capable of playing a CAM role in a five man midfield.  Also Phil Jones has arrived and many have spoken about how he can be used as a DM, although I tend to think he will be an out and out defender.  There was a lot of talk about Rio being able to do the same when he was younger, but it never really worked and I believe the same will probably happen with Jones.

So how many players should come in to the midfield? With Cleverly coming back the issue is somewhat clouded but my belief is that only one is really needed, although two would be preferred.

But who will he/they be?

There has been a mention of Samir Nasri and he really is the right type of player, but if not Nasri who else is there?  With City and Chelsea apparently copying us in the transfer market will we even get the man we want?

We are fairly well stocked in the defensively midfield position but a boost wouldn’t go amiss. However creativity is key for me. I for one would like sign Nasri; as well as being a good fit for the team it would be a massive coup for United to snag him from Arsenal and joining United could help Nasri fully reach his potentially.

I’d like to if there is a deal to be done it will be completed very soon, as with so many signings I think it is key that they are integrated during the summer tour.  But don’t put nothing past Sir Alex though every year we seem to have a last minute splurge so this year’s may leave us smiling.


14 responses to “Transfers, Transfers, Transfers”

  1. sean says:

    i dont care what people say about carrick or how much you rate him. united definatly need a defensive midfielder because even the best attacking midfielder in the world such xavi and iniesta will strugle playing along side him and the reason for that is simply because carrick doesnt distroy nothing therefore the attacking midfeld will spend lots of energy trying to help him defend which means that player find himself alot more deeper than he is suppose to be..if i had the choice i would prefer one these defensive mid (de rossi or lass) for creavity and battles or m’villa for less creavity but more battling for the attack id like nasri or mqodric because unlike snieder both can play in more than one position which is really essential for a united player,,, nasri for instance can play on the wings, attacking mid or central creative. i know people will probably will think unlike modric he has no experince of playing in central mid but if you think about it the problem there wouldnt be a lack of ability but willingness to fight specially in the league but if you really analize nasri performances last season hes improvement was more about mental and phllysical than skills, i mean the first thing i noticed about his game last season was his physical strengh but i was more impress with his mental strentgh what i am trying to say is the boy played his first season in the epl and thought forget ma abilties i need to get stronger to succeed here and went on to put work in during the summer and came back a superb player

  2. James says:

    I agree we need more creativity. That was the reason I was hoping for someone like Alexis Sanchez, because he is a special type of player that can help you win the Champions League. But sadly it looks like he is going to Barcelona. However Sanchez was someone who I saw being able to play in a few roles. He could play wide right or left, or as a striker playing behind Rooney or Hernandez.

    I felt if we could get Sanchez then we needed an intelligent central midfielder to bring balance to the team. One guy that hasn’t been mentioned is Arturo Vidal. He is a terrific box to box midfielder who can play as a defensive midfielder, and also contribute heavily to the attack. Last season he was the best player in Germany and scored 12 goals and made 13 assists. He is seen as one of the most versatile players in the game, as he can also perform well in defence. We could do with a player of his qualities.

    The funny thing is that both Sanchez and Vidal are Chilean. If Barcelona are still stalling on paying the money for Sanchez, then Gill and Ferguson should head to Argentina, where Chile are playing in Copa America, and convince the pair to come to Manchester United together. £32 million for Sanchez and £15 million for Vidal.

    Also I believe if we got Sanchez and Vidal it would compliment the players we have already, mainly Rooney. We are linked with all these central playmaker type of midfielder’s, but the truth is that Rooney is our number 10. Sneijder and Rooney would want to play in the same role. Vidal would balance the team by playing as a box to box midfielder and supporting Rooney.

  3. Tom says:

    I agree with Jon and James above. Perhaps we are looking at the the wrong kind of midfielder’s. I do like James’s idea’s but Sanchez is going to Barcelona, even if it is taking an eternity to complete the deal. Don’t get me wrong, if there was even a chance of still getting Sanchez, I would like to think Ferguson would go for it. However we can still attack effectively with Young, Rooney, Hernandez and Nani.

    We need a midfielder that can do both in terms of defence and attack. I’ve heard of Vidal and he is highly rated in Germany. Lassana Diarra is another player who knows the English game, however I’m not sure he attacks that well, but he id effective at starting attacks. Luka Modric is the ideal player but is expensive at £40 million.