Date: 8th July 2011 at 1:45pm
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Having played the Turkish side in last season’s Champions League group stage, it appears a partnership has been struck up between Manchester United and Bursaspor.

According to various news sources Manchester United and Bursaspor will enter a mutually beneficial partnership that may see players from United end up at the Turkish club and although unlikely vice versa.

The exact nature of the deal is not 100% clear and more information will be made available in coming days if the deal does indeed go ahead but currently Turkish paper Milliyet are saying that it is a player deal whilst a spokesperson from the Turkish club stated:

“Our players and coaches will go there and theirs will arrive here. Different projects may come out once we sit down at the table to talk. We will soon take steps about this.”

This appears somewhat of a strange deal to be struck and I’m not 100% what the benefits will be but if true they will join a number of teams to have entered agreements with Manchester United with the most recent being FC Twente.


9 responses to “United reach agreement with Bursaspor?”

  1. huh ? says:

    probs summit to do with turkish airlines and $$$

  2. spoon says:

    Also the fact the Turkish league is decent enough standard to blood a few youngsters, give them experience outside of mainstream Europe too. Take them out of their comfort zones and see how they perform.

  3. Tule Jude says:

    That’s a strange one.But the sure thing is,they will definitely benefit from Man United.

  4. Ben says:

    Probably offered us some pennies for Bebe.

    • Danski says:

      Gee that was an intelligent comment, since Bebe went to Besiktas. The deal enables Utd to sign no EU players and get them playing regularly until they get clearance to come to England. It also is another way to push the Utd brand offshore and ofcourse brain storming with other clubs about footballing philosophy, tactics, fitness regimes and general development. But yeah Bebe hey Einstein!

  5. James says:

    I think Ronaldo is the only benefit I’ve seen to these links with other clubs. Antwerp helped O’Shea progress when he was younger, but other than that not much else. I think FC Twente can be a benefit in getting players from Brazil and sending players on loan there.

  6. russb says:

    It’s a passport thing. get young south american players into Turkey that can’t get an EU work permit. Then Turkey enter EU and hey presto players are EU eligable. £££